Monday, 11 November 2013

Thirty Days of Being Thankful - Day 11

Day 11
I am thankful for Veterans and Service Members.
I'm cheating today and showing you what Nathan's school did and posted on their fb page... it's awesome!
To honor those veterans who so valiantly serve our country, today we welcomed Colonel Louis J. Schott (Ret.), USMC, a decorated World War II veteran to speak with our students about his experiences in service to our country. Col Schott is a former member of the 1st Marine Division and a long-time member of the Marine Reserves, serving in the Pacific Theater at Okinawa and Peleliu. He is a recipient of the Purple Heart and Bronze Star, and at the age of 93, stays active playing golf several times a week and enjoying his family. 
 Our Student Council representatives presented Colonel Schott with a check for $562.50 in support of the Wounded Warrior Project which they raised through Out-of-Uniform days with the support of our entire student body. Our kindergarten students then presented Colonel Schott with an appreciation card they created just for him. We were privileged to welcome such a distinguished veteran to our school, and are grateful for not only his service, but for the opportunity to share a real life hero with our students.

 As part of our Veteran’s Day observations, our students made cards and treat bags for members of our military and we are happy to be able to extend our gratitude to the brave men and women who so bravely serve our country.



Julie said...

What a lovely time the students must have had with this lovely old gentleman.

DJ said...

What a lovely thing the kids at Nathan's school did! I'm sure the men and women who would receive the goody bags will enjoy them. Mike always liked getting letters from school kids and others and would always write back.