Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Thirty Days of Being Thankful - Day 12

Day 12
I am thankful for fire pits and fireplaces.
Not only for warmth, but for the fun it can bring.  Roasting marshmallows to eat or to make for smores.  Sitting by the fire wrapped up in a blanket or snuggling with a loved one, what a perfect setting!

This was in South Carolina with my brothers and our families.

Camping with friends, with added colour crystals.

 At my parents house, they had this fire pit made for the grandkids (and big kids!)
Mmmm, melting Peeps for yummy smores.
Still at my parents house, not sure what the boys did to this one!
The yule log burning in Washington DC while looking at the Christmas trees.
Cedar chip fire pit in Icy Strait Point, Alaska
I love having a fire at the lake, the sky is so clear.  Guaranteed to find at least one shooting star.  I was lucky enough to get the moon in this one.
The gas fireplace in our rental house.  I liked having a wood burning stove in our old house, but I must admit I'm looking forward to having gas fireplaces in our new home.

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Jennifer Shelby said...

the first bit of landscaping I did at our new house was to build a firepit! Nothing beats a good roaring fire. Our new place is also heated by a wood stove which is so nice and toasty to sip my morning coffee beside (I could do without all this wood piling, though...)