Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Thirty Days of Being Thankful - Day 20

Day 20
I am thankful for technology/communication.
  Except right this minute, I'm frustrated with it!  I'm trying to upload pictures and my computer is not cooperating.  But I'm still thankful.

I did manage to add this picture of my Mom talking to my older brother on her birthday.  He lives in Baton Rouge, LA, so he didn't get to see her on her birthday.  I think she even got to Skype her brother in Germany while we there, pretty awesome!
I forgot my phone at home today when I went to pick Nathan up at the bus stop.  I had to take him to gymnastics as soon as I picked him up and didn't have time to go back and get it.  I wasn't too worried about it, but did feel a little lost!
I ended up visiting with my old neighbor while Nathan was in class and used her phone to let DH know I didn't have my phone in case the gmen were trying to get a hold of me. 
As soon as his class was over, we ended up waiting at the gmen's school to pick them up after football practice.  Of course today they were running late and I had nothing to do!  Nathan was ever to happy to show me his Matchbox car game on his DS though.

Another plus?  While shopping I found some starfish stamps my sil was looking for and I was able to take a picture to send her to see is she wanted them.  
Who hasn't done something like that?!

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Big hugs sweetie x