Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Thirty Days of Being Thankful - Day 27

Day 27
I am thankful for warmth.
We are at my parents house in western MD for Thanksgiving and it is currently 18 degrees outside, brrrrr!

We were welcomed with a nice hot "buppa" tea when we arrived, ahhh.  At least I was, Nathan won't try it - oh well, more for me.
I'm sitting in my Mom's tv room in my short sleeve tshirt (Saints Football!!!) actually feeling hot.  They have to keep the house warm for her and this is definitely something I'm not used to.  But so very glad to be inside nice and toasty.
I must say I need to sleep with it on the cool side, I loving snuggling up under the covers!

I would have included some photos, but for some reason I can't upload any.  Darn blogger site.
Nathan took a great one from the car today - driving in certain areas the trees were frozen white, just beautiful!

Update - I had to use my Dad's computer to add this.  Guess DH will be checking out my computer tonight!


cucki said...

So sweet x

Vickie said...

A Blessed, Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

DJ said...

Happy Thanksgiving my friend! I hope you find out what's up with your computer. Love the snow pictures, but so happy it stayed out "west". Praying blessings on you and your family! *Hugs*