Sunday, 17 November 2013

Thirty Days of Being Thankful - Day 17

Day 17
I am thankful for giving...

my time to volunteer
my ears for listening
my hands for helping
my legs for walking
my voice for speaking
my mind for thinking
my heart for loving
my our wallet to donate!

And speaking of donating, here's something you can do if you live in the States - Operation Christmas Child.  Maybe there's something similar in other countries?

Everything you need to know will be found there on how to select, pack, and send a box.  You will be asked to pay $7 to help cover delivery and by donating online, you can follow your box.

  • Operation Christmas Child
  • The Greatest Journey
  • Volunteer
  • Packing Parties
  • Call to Prayer
  • Drop-Off Locations
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Journey of a Shoebox
  • Regional Offices
  • Prayer Network
  • Gifts-In-Kind Program

  •  Thanks to Karen, she posted this on fb for some gift ideas.

    I did this years ago when the gmen were young and now it's Nathan's turn.  Who knows, the big boys still may want to send one!

    The deadline for turning in your box is Monday, November 25th - looks like we're shopping this week.

    We also like to "adopt" children or a family at Christmas, so maybe that's something you can do in your area.

    Let me know if you do something like this and what you thought!


    cucki said...

    Such a sweet post dear..
    Big hugs x

    Vickie said...

    Our church has a special tree in the nave each Christmas. Paper doves are hung from it with requests for presents from the needy children from our very own congregation written on those doves. I broke down sobbing when we picked a dove one year. A young boy asked for........... underwear and socks. I am crying again recalling it. You are in a desperate way when you are a child asking for underwear for Christmas. This year each one of our three teens is also picking a dove.

    Julie said...

    I hope lots of boxes are donated.