Saturday, 30 November 2013

Thirty Days of Being Thankful - Day 30

Day 30
I am thankful for shopping.
Let me specify -
The freedom to go shopping
The car and the gas to get me there
The clothes to keep me warm while shopping
The family and friends I have to go with me
The family and friends I have to shop for
My DH for working so hard so I/we can afford to go shopping
Being able to buy for others who are unable to do so.

Nathan and I shopping in Cumberland today.

Opa and Nathan

Supporting the book store!

Santa has his own postbox!

Walking to the toy store.

Hi there!

Almost ready to go home, it's cold out here!
 I saw this in one of the antique shops - it said, $30 vintage needlepoint.

And here's his girlfriend.  I'd love to know the details behind them!

If you've stuck it out for 30 days, WOW!  I really am thankful for so much more, but the month is over and I must get back to stitching for Christmas.  So thank you for your time and comments, I'm thinking a give-a-way is in order... just need to think about it!


Justine said...

And a final you for sharing your thankful thoughts! I've really enjoyed them.

Julie said...

Wonderful family pictures and memories of your lovely time together.

DJ said...

I'm thankful I am your friend...and I get to go shopping with you!! Can't wait until Thursday! *hugs*