Friday, 22 November 2013

Thirty Days of Being Thankful - Day 22

Day 22
I am thankful for cameras and the pictures they produce!
I've had my fair share of cameras growing up - my yellow underwater one was pretty cool way back in the 80's, especially since we had a pool. 

These are my most recent cameras and I've killed all of them, overuse I guess!  I try to take care of them, but things get cracked, come off, or just stop working, I don't know why.  These are being donated to the gmen's high school, not sure what they'll do with them but I'd like to think they were being fixed up and used again!  (But when the duct tape comes out, it's never a good sign.)
This is my current camera and it's great.  The zoom is fantastic and it's easy to use.  Even if it did go swimming in iced tea last year!  Although it has been acting up lately...
 And I have so many pictures to be thankful for, but I think I'm actually missing a box or two.

These are all prior to having a digital camera, dating back from elementary school.

You know when you used to order two sets of prints to share with friends and very rarely did?  Or is that just me?  I actually have envelopes I started with pictures to give away, I think I might surprise some people with them next year.

My pictures don't compare to what my Dad has stashed away at their house.  He has black and whites and boxes of slides that he's been scanning, this little beauty is one of them!  Oh, how I loved that orange one piece - I could zip off the legs when it got too hot.

I am no where near as "bad" as my Dad when it comes to taking pictures.  He pulls out his camera EVERY time we visit and then it's non-stop clicking!  I do like to take pictures, but I tend to like more scenic ones and don't like to pose people in front of the view.  Either way, I think we're both happy.

My plan wishful thinking after the holidays is to scan my pictures in the computer and organize them, or maybe just to organize them.  We'll see how far I get, but talking a walk down memory lane is wonderful.


Sandy said...

I love pictures and when I'm around the grand kids I'm taking pictures all the time. My kids love going to my parents and pulling out all of the albums and going through them. I even love other people's family pictures…I'm hopeless.


cucki said...

Beautiful pictures
Big hugs x