Saturday, 23 November 2013

Thirty Days of Being Thankful - Day 23

Day 23
I am thankful for Disney movies and Disney stuff!
I finally got to watch Monsters University with Nathan and Garrett, it was a pizza movie watching night in front of the fire and it was great!

Just a sample of our Disney movies, I know I'm missing plenty.  Now I think we need a movie marathon...

A few of our Christmas movies, we'll start watching them on Thanksgiving.

Even though it's not Disney, I love these movies!  My favourite one is Santa Clause is Coming to Town.

My Toy Story toys, I can't help collecting them.  Nathan will tell you some of them are his, but I'm sure he's wrong.
 Yay, Monsters Inc!

 I couldn't forget our trip to Disney when the gmen were almost four - we are way behind for our next visit!

I did make these for my nieces and also included their own names on their favourite princess, but I never took a picture of them.  I must have been so excited to give it to them that I forgot.


cucki said...

Aww so sweet x

Linda said...

My favorite place in the whole wide world. I haven't been in years.


Faith... said...

Family time is the best time ever! I love watching movies and eating in front of the TV with the family and we try to sneak in at least one movie every weekend.