Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Thirty Days of Being Thankful - Day 19

Day 19
I am thankful for my husband.
This could be a really long post, but I'll spare you and give just a couple of reasons why I am thankful and love this man so much! 

What can I say, we met just after my 23rd birthday and he was a month shy of turning 19.  Whoa, shouldn't that be the other way around?  After five years of dating (he was still in college), we finally got married. 

The reason I'm sitting in this picture is because I felt as though I was going to pass out and he ran to get me a chair to sit in.  My hero!

Yesterday, Tracy at Shine-FM asked this question - You thought you loved him/her as much as you possibly could.. But then they did something that instantly deepened your love... Tell me about it ;)

This was my response - After having twins, they ended up staying in the hospital 10 days and I was able to stay with them.   DH slept on the hard tile floor to be with us until we were given a bigger room for the last couple of nights.   What a love!
I received an email from her asking me to tell it on the radio, so I did! 

Not only is he a fantastic husband, but he's a great father too!  For this I am truly thankful and blessed.


Vickie said...

GREAT post. =)

cucki said...

Beautiful post x

Justine said...

Lovely post. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your boys - identical smiles in that photo!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

That's a lovely story about your hubby.

Mine would be last Christmas, I'd had a really bad year and when we'd finished opening our presents there was a trail for me and the Large Boy to follow. At the end was another present. Inside was the one thing I always say in answer to the question "what is the first thing you would buy with a lottery win?" -

A Lego Death Star!!!!!

How can you not love a man who buys you the one thing you've always wanted and never thought you'd get?