Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Thirty Days of Being Thankful - Day 13

Day 13
I am thankful for my girlfriends, my chosen sisters.
I am a middle child with two brothers, one six years older, one six years younger.

Tara and I grew up together on the same street, I think we met in 1st grade?  I guess we didn't really become best friends until jr high/high school.  My mother used to call us the terrible twins because not only did we look similar, we fought like only sisters do!  Even though we don't see each as much as we used to, I know that if I ever need her, I only have to pick up the phone and vice versa.

Then you have friends you meet through friends and just click.  Cori makes me think, makes me laugh, and always has my back.  I think we compliment each other pretty well, it can get kind of crazy when we're together!

And then you have the ones you meet online, the ones your Mother warned you about... but I can't say that about DJ, she's a treasure!  She is my soul stitching sister, I'm so blessed to have met.  I can never have enough stitching dates and fun outings with her.  Talk, laugh, stitch, what a great combo!

Karen could have been my actual sister-in-law, but that relationship didn't work out - luckily ours did!  She is another stitching sister, craft extraordinaire, and lives too far away from me.  Texting, fb, and talking on the phone help, so does seeing each other at least once a year.

Unfortunately, there are those friends that are no longer in your life.  But sometimes, circumstances change and you find yourself reconnecting with someone you thought you had lost.  I found that with Kari and I'm so happy we're together again!

Of course I can't forget all my other girlfriends, which I won't start naming in case I forget someone! 


Justine said...

Lovely post Astrid. I'm really enjoying reading these 'thankful' posts.

cucki said...

Such a sweet post...
Hugs x

Julie said...

A lovely post, great pics of you with your girlfriends