Saturday, 20 October 2018

Kitties and some Beer 🍺

Ming "helping" me finish BOO.

Gman1's gf, C, with her new baby, Finn!
Such a sweet boy. Too bad Ming and Maximus don't think so!

Relaxing in Gman1's room.

Getting his veggies.

Attack kitty, he's not afraid of no Zombies!

A short visit from Gman2 last weekend, checking out Dad's brewing station.

And now they wait!


Linda said...

What a cute kitten.


Vickie said...

Finn is precious. What an interesting new hobby!

Julie said...

Finn is adorable, very sweet.

Barb said...

It looks like father and son are being patient! A very cute kitty.

Penny said...

I love your sweet little stitching companion! And I'm a sucker for the orange, tiger-striped kitties - what a handsome little fellow! Your husband's brewing station looks quite scientific. : )

Faith... said...

Glad you have some stitching help! Cute kitty and I love his little collar ;)

Mary-Grace said...

Congrats on the finish. What cute kitties!

FlashinScissors said...

Finn looks just adorable!
Sweet of him to help with your stitching!
What fun ..... making their own beer ..... much more fun than just drinking it!
Barbara xx

Katie said...

Finn is just too cute!

RJ said...

Finn is so sweet. How is your son enjoying college? RJ

Bethan said...

Awww gorgeous kittens! x

rosey175 said...

Yes, more cats! I wonder how well that jester collar went over hah. My parents did that for a few years. They had those old giant crocks for it.