Monday, 27 February 2017

"Teasing" the cats?

DH says I'm teasing them, but really I'm just entertaining them!

Ming watching her first show.

Ming taking a close-up view, Max is uninterested.

Trying to find that darn bird.

 I was at the computer and she kept staring at my ipad until I let her watch her channel.

Even Max joined in this time.

He's hit or miss, but he liked it that night!

I really should be stitching, but I've lost my mojo.
Please feel free to send any extras my way!


Linda said...

I love the videos and pictures of your furbabies Astrid.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What funny cats!
You could join our Ten-a-day project. Just stitch ten stitches on a project and then photograph it and put it away until the next day.

Vickie said...

How funny!

Julie said...

LOL .... that made me smile.

Melinda Forbes said...

This is a great Cat Post. Thank you for sharing. I can't imagine my home without a cat

Katie said...

That is just too adorable! You can't lose your mojo....too many projects to be stitching. Take a few of mine that are SCREAMING to be stitched please haha.

Debbie W. said...

Max and Ming are adorable, and you most definitely are not teasing them! Let's just call it "environmental enrichment". :)

Barb said...

Those photos are so funny!

deb said...

My Harley likes bird videos - as long as I have the sound on. Glad to see she's not the only one. :)

Sheryl S. said...

Love this post, what great photos and cats