Friday, 19 May 2017

TH Thursday

THinking, THinking, THinking...

THinking THoughts, and being THankful on THursdays.

Today I am thankful for my friends.

Friends that I may not get to talk to or see very often, but I know are always there for me and vice versa.

Friends that you can talk to about anything and don't judge you.

Friends that support you and encourage you.

Friends that ask questions and make you think about yourself and life in general.

Friends that come back into your life and sometimes, sadly, those that don't.

Friends that are acquaintances, but turn into so much more.

And a best friend that you marry and go through good times and bad times with. Who you would never intentionally hurt and only want the best for.

I know this is a little off, but please pray for a family that we know - The parents (around our age) both died tragically with no indication of anything wrong. Leaving behind three teenage boys to carry on without them. It's a situation I can't grasp and my heart just hurts for this family.


Vickie said...

Friends are a very wonderful gift from God indeed!
I am praying for these three young men. How very sad.

cucki said...

Such a sweet post my dear.
Sending you big Beary hugs and smiles x

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Perfect timing for this post. On Wednesday I went to a fundraiser for a friend whose partner has terminal cancer. They have three young children together. Some friends from the school the children go to organised a raffle and a coffee/cake afternoon and raised £4,000 for the family! I have never seen so many donated prizes for one cause, it really confirmed my opinion that people are basically good and caring.

Ariadne said...

What a tragic story!Friends are all we have in life after all!AriadnefromGreece!

Barb said...

What a difficult situation. I will pray for them for sure.

DJ said...

So sorry to hear about this family, I will definitely be praying for them and for those who are ministering to them. I love your post about your friends....exactly how I feel about them too. *Hugs*

Julie said...

Sad news about this family close to you.

Katie said...

Friends are the best! So thankful for the ones I have. I count you as one now too.

I'm so sorry for the family you know. How sad. Life sure can be sad way too often. I really hope for peace for the family soon.