Tuesday, 4 April 2017

My Sharathon fun!

Two weeks ago was... 95.1 SHINE-FM's Sharathon!

I feel so blessed, this was my 5th year volunteering. I was able to make it there Tues-Fri @6am, thanks to the Gmen and DH helping Nathan get to school on time in the morning. And even helping in the afternoon if I wanted to stay later.
Baltimore in the morning.

You know you're in Baltimore when you see the Domino Sugars sign!

The set-up changed a little bit this year. There were less phone lines, but more staff answering the phones so they could get the experience of talking to listeners. I was on the phone for a shift or two, then helped write thank you cards to those who donated, and made some calls if necessary.

  Tina, Mike and Erin were FaceTiming with the group in another office, who were also writing thank you cards. 

John and Tiffanie on air in the afternoon.

A few calls I took... Ian said something like this about donating - In the end, it's only a number in an account or a couple pieces of paper.
Another listener said he only listened to CD's until his CD player broke. He found SHINE-FM on the radio and has been listening ever since.
A little boy called and wanted to donate $5, so cute! His grandmother got on the phone and added to his amount.
One woman called to donate and asked for Tracey to laugh before she got to work because she loved her laugh! I passed that one on and laugh she did!

One new, fun thing they did this year was a Blind Challenge. They asked for a certain number of SHINE Partners in an hour and the DJ's and phone crew weren't to know the amount until the hour was up.
I think I got this right - asked for 50, got 91 - asked for 100, got 127 - asked 150, got 155! WINNER! And some listeners called later to find out the results because they were in the car and got to work.

Our background crew - these ladies are wonderful to work with!

A beautiful experience for me? I found out my girlfriend was diagnosed with breast cancer while I was there. I was sitting with Tina and Laura, they stopped what they were doing and we prayed together for her. I'm getting teary eyed thinking about it again. What a blessing they were for me, praying for my dear friend. I'm still praying.

By the way, the goal was met!
And hey, I got a thank you postcard too!


Vickie said...

I am praying for your friend Astrid.

Julie said...

{{hugs}} Astrid, i have just had tea and cake with my friend this lunchtime and she is an 18 year breast cancer survivor so i know exactly how you are feeling being the support that is needed to see your friend though this scarey time. I hope all goes well for her. xx

Katie said...

I was looking forward to hearing about your time. I figured you enjoyed it. It's great to hear you did. So sorry about your friend. Breast cancer seems to be a lot easier to treat though so I hope she will be fine and cancer free very soon.

Linda said...

Glad they met their goal Astrid. Sorry to hear about your friend.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I think I've read all five reports of this too! It's certainly a regular memory for me.
So sorry to hear about your friend. I do hope the prognosis is good though.