Wednesday, 5 April 2017

A new friend!

What's this Ming sees?

Well, hello Mr. Squirrel.


Who, me?

 Yes, you!

Sorry, busy eating!

Max says hello too.

And this morning I found him totally relaxing and eating in the "bird" feeder. I thought about changing over to peanuts, but I'm not sure I need to encourage him!

And in stitchy news, Nathan wanted to stitch again!

Ming helping out.

And Max being Max.

He's even been counting on his own and doing a great job!

This kit has been okay, but his next project will be with real floss. I have a feeling it will be Pokemon related!


Barb said...

Very funny photos. We are having a real problem with squirrels at the bird feeder! We will soon stop feeding the birds as the feeder hangs from our deck and makes a mess. Nathan is quite a good stitcher!

Linda said...

Awesome pictures Astrid. Love the pics of Nathan.


Julie said...

Your squirrel captions made me smile... my DH does a running commentary every morning when we have a couple of those visitors stealing the birds food from our feeders (sometimes he does a silly voice too lol)
Well done Nathan, lovely stitching.

Lorraine said...

Squirrels seem to be fearless at times, don' they? I love (sarcastically) how they think that the bird feeders are totally for them. Great job with the little stitching project. How nice that he's interested to try something like that. Kudos!

Vickie said...

What a character that squirrel is! Do the birds get their chance?
Good for Nathan! I hope he finishes.

deb said...

Those are great pictures of the squirrel visit! Bet the cats love that feeder. And good for Nathan - his stitching is coming along nicely.

Katie said...

LOL I'm so glad they have a new friend. How cute. We have several we feed. I walked out this morning to put out peanuts and he was impatiently waiting right by the door. I about stepped on him. I told him hurry back I'm putting them out for you haha. Nathan's piece looks fantastic. How fun. Jeremiah tried it but quickly said I don't know how you do this. He would rather play Xbox haha.

Barb said...

Cute pictures. There is a squirrel that comes around here and looks for my cat. Of course Saturn answers the call. Squirrels are smart they know the cat can get to them when they are inside only. Looks like your son is going to be a cross stitcher His piece looks good so far.

Debbie W. said...

Awesome photos! Both Nathan and the squirrel are amazingly photogenic, but obviously the photographer did a very good job, too. ;)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

That squirrel really is bold as brass! Stealing the food right under the cats' noses.
Nice work on Nathan's stitching too. Has he seen the giant Pokemon chart yet?

Brigitte said...

These pictures are so funny.