Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Easter blessings

Celebrating eight days apart - Happy Birthday, Gmen!

Wow, 19 already!

Happy Easter! We're just missing Maximus. 🐱

Ming and her Peeps!

Um, one less Peep.

I participated in Kaye @ Kitten Stitching's Easter exchange, and this is what I sent.

This was the first time I made a cube and it won't be the last, I like the way it turned out! I left room at the top thinking a bow was going to go there, but it just didn't work out. So I added some flowers instead. 
 And after I was finished, I noticed I had forgotten to add my initials and date like I normally do, ugh.
I know it made it there on time, I'm just not sure when she picked it up.

And I keep forgetting to mention...
Jo @ Serendipitous Stitching has a new blog - Blogger of the Week that comes out on Fridays featuring fellow bloggers who have expressed an interest to participate. Could you be one of them?!


Barb said...

What a great family picture. Happy Birthday to your sons! Cute photos of the cat and the Easter things!

Linda said...

Cute finish Astrid. Love the family pics.


Julie said...

Beautiful parcel you sent for the Easter exchange, the little flowers look so cute on it.
Lovely family picture.

Vickie said...

What a beautiful family. :D I love your cube. The flowers are perfect there.

Katie said...

My son will be 19 April 26th. He looks so tiny compared to your handsome boys. What a great family picture. Love Ming with the Peeps. The exchange you sent is fantastic. Great job. I love cube finishes. No sewing.

cucki said...

your family is so beautiful..love your pictures so much..
sweet stitches xx

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Happt Birthday to the G men! Another lovely family photo for the album.
Cats and peeps clearly do not mix!
Your cube finish is great, the ribbon is very professional looking and the flowers look good too.
Thanks for the shoutout for the new blog.

Tiffstitch said...

Great photos of everyone and love that Ming had to try the Peep. :) Beautiful gift sent! I'm waiting on mine still, and my recipient is waiting too, darn that post.

Shelly said...

Your cube is so cute! What a nice Easter package you sent off. Ming doesn't look too happy! You have a nice looking family.

Ariadne said...

Many happy returns for your boys!And you made an excellent parcel to send!Love the cube!AriadnefromGreece!