Sunday, 18 December 2016

Trouble with Spike

On the 8th, Spike decided he needed a "bubble bath". It looks like he found a friend too, meet Scotch.

On the 9th, they got Santa to "support" their sweet tooth habit.

 On the 10th, it looks like they took the TARDIS out for a spin to get some Smarties.

On the 11th, they got into Mrs. B's cookies and chocolates. They'd better save a vanilla for Nathan!

On the 12th, they decided to share their goodies with Rudolph and friends.

On the 13th, candy canes were the sweet of choice.

On the 14th, Haribo Gummy Bears were a hit. Dolly looks especially happy! (Maybe he soaked hers in some vodka, they way I like them?!)

On the 15th, Hermey must have taken charge and said, "Remember to take care of your teeth after eating all those sweets!" But it looks like Scotch needs some more practice with the floss.

On the 16th, the rest of the gang passed down some candy canes to enjoy.

That night, we went to spend the night at our friend's house and their elf, Sara, was busy decorating.

On the 17th, it looks like Spike and Scotch wanted to do some baking.

On the 18th, it seems they're really pushing for baking since we didn't honour their request yesterday!

Another week to go...


Tiffstitch said...

Great ideas! And good idea to blog so you can see what he was up to next year ;)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I'll be surprised if there are any sweets left for Nathan by Christmas the rate this pair are going through them!

Julie said...

What a nice pair they are to share their goodies.

Melinda Forbes said...

This little elf is just like me, searching for all the sweets. Love the Spiked Gummy Bears!

Maggee said...

Too funny!

Bea said...

That was fun to read, but they are going through the sweets quickly. I fear for Nathan's chances! lol

FlashinScissors said...

Great tale! Such fun!
Barbara x

Katie said...

I just love watching Spike's journey. Thanks for sharing!