Thursday, 8 December 2016

Pinterest winner! And a question.

Cranberries? Yes, please!
Cranberry Christmas Cake to be exact.

We were having a holiday potluck at book club and I signed up for sweets, no surprise there!
I've been wanting to make this cake ever since I saw on Pinterest, and this was the perfect time.
It's a very simple recipe, the hardest part was not tasting it before I left!
Not the best picture, but I thought it looked yummy and it smelled wonderful.

I guess it was, because this is what I came home with! Now this wasn't eaten all at once, some of it went home with the ladies. 

You can find and print the recipe here - Barefeet in the Kitchen. The only thing I did differently was use orange extract instead of vanilla. The next time I'll add some orange zest to give it even more flavour. I normally use a bundt pan because I like the way it looks, I'll try that next time too.

Last year I made these two ornaments, using the Foxwood Crossing sleds. So simple, I love they way they look.

I bought these after Christmas thinking they would be a cute variation.  

My question is, is it better to stain or paint these sleds? Will either one have an effect on the perforated paper being glued on there? Thoughts or suggestions?


Bea said...

Couldn't ask for a better confirmation of tasty than that. It does look good. I would paint as I think a greater range of colour, and I would leave the flat part plain to have the best chance of adhesion.

Brigitte said...

Oh my, this makes my mouth water.

deb said...

Oh, that looks delicious!

Sleds? The ones you did last year are lovely! For new ones, I'd stain, but I really like *wood* ...though would leave the top center bare for attaching your stitching - better grab, as Bea said (above) but also cause I'd be afraid of the stain bleeding into the perforated paper once the years start building up.

Barb said...

The cake looks wonderful. I am going to get the recipe!! Love your sled. I have never stitched one but I do have one in the works. So I'm not much help on the paint or leave wood question. I think the paint would look more primitive. It all depends on the look you want.

Tiffstitch said...

Thanks for the link to the cake! And excellent work on the sleds. No clue on the options though.

Katie said...

Beautiful cake. Wish I could reach out to my screen and grab a bite. Love your old sleds and great idea to get some of the wooden ones. Never thought about that. I would paint them. I doubt the paint would bother the perforated paper just my 2 cents worth though. Plus then you can do any color you like.

FlashinScissors said...

I'm off to look at the cake too .... it looks delicious! Re staining ..... depends what type of stain you use, but if it is well dried before putting the paper on I would think it would be OK .... but I'm only guessing!
Barbara x