Wednesday, 21 December 2016

It's starting to feel like Christmas...

Last Friday, DH and I finally got our tree. I don't think we've ever gotten it this late, but we got a deal! It's up with the lights on, but not decorated yet. The gmen just came home today, so we'll put the ornaments on later.

We spent that night with our friends in Annapolis, it was super cold and felt very Christmassy! 

We went into a restaurant that was pretty empty, except for some people at the bar. We should have known why it was empty - at least the kids liked what they had on the kid menu! Plus side, the kids had a great time and we adults will always remember it. Also, I got this picture!   

This was on display at Kilwins, Spike would love it here!

 St. Anne's Episcopal Church

Lights decorating the streets.

We stopped in at the Westin Hotel to see the gingerbread display.

Gingerbread St. Anne's Church

Even Santa!

This fountain was still flowing in spite of being almost frozen.

Back at their house, Maci was keeping me company while I was stitching.

The next morning we woke up to ice, I was hoping for snow.

I love the red berries!

We had no trouble coming home, except the closer we got, we saw cars abandoned along the road and even a snow plow.

It was more ice than snow, Nathan was peeling it off the flag.

Our poor snowmen were very sad!

That's from his hat!

My finished magnet for Nathan's music teacher, she loves Gilmore Girls!


Linda said...

Oh my, that's way way way to cold for me. Merry Christmas.


Bea said...

Ice can be tricky - and dangerous - but also beautiful. Thanks for the pictures.

Merry Christmas!

Maggee said...

What an interesting adventure you have had! My first thought was why wasn't Nathan wearing a coat, hat and gloves in that frigid weather?!? Probably used to it! I am behind in reading blogs, so am looking forward to seeing your tree decorated! Hugs!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Love the massive tree you are standing in front of!
I was wondering why Nathan wasn't bundled up either, I guess he was running around keeping warm! The ice from the snowman is amazing.

Katie said...

So glad you had a Merry Christmas. What an adventure.