Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Sleds and another question

Thank you for your suggestions on what to do with the wooden sleds. Guess what I found while cleaning up my craft room...
Oops, totally forgot I bought these!
I think I'll wait until after the holidays to paint/stain the other sleds, at least it will give them plenty of time to dry.

I received a couple of presents early for Christmas, this print is from Cori, I just need to get a frame for her. Isn't she beautiful?

And this lovely mermaid came from DJ. I will always have enough room for mermaids!

I've had these Tokens and Trifles for years and I finally made something with it. This is the first one I finished and I'm working on another one.
The company has gone out of business, but you can still find places that still sell them, although I don't know for how long! So sad, I really love the ornament ones.

I much prefer using this instead of perforated paper because it's smaller. I've only ever seen the paper come in 14 count, has anyone ever found anything different? Or if I use fabric, what's the best way to make it stiff without ruining it or having the floss bleed? Does that make sense?


Bea said...

Loving your mermaids! That is a cute ornament as well. I've never seen perforated paper in anything other than 14 count. There are a coupe of products for stiffening fabric - Aleene's Fabric Stiffener and Mod Podge Stiffy Fabric Stiffener. I've used Aleene's with good results, never tried the Mod Podge.

Julie said...

Lovely mermaid gifts.
I've never stitched on perforated paper before, perhaps next year will be a first

Faith... said...

Beautiful gifts! I have only seen the paper in 14 count as well but another count would be welcome if they ever made it. I know nothing about the fabric stiffeners - sorry.

Katie said...

Oh I love mermaids too. That print is beautiful! Love the sleds you found. The Let it Snow ornament is wonderful! I love using perforated paper. The only way I have done personally is to put a sticky felt that makes it more stiff. It's thicker than normal felt since it has sticker type material on one side. I would love a smaller count though. Hope someone listens.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The mermaid print is lovely as is the mermaid sign.
Love the delicate ornie. You could back fabric with a piece of thick card cut to shape and then stick felt/cotton fabric to the card and backstitch all the way round to keep the layers together. If the card was slightly smaller than the fabric and felt you wouldn't have to stitch through it or use any adhesive on the actual stitching fabric.

FlashinScissors said...

Lovely mermaids! Great ornie too! Sounds like Jo has the perfect solution to me. I've used fabric glue a couple of times but am not sure if you intend to use the glue before or after stitching .... either way I think Jo's idea would be simpler!
Barbara x