Sunday, 4 December 2016

Getting ready for Christmas

I'm trying to get ahead of the pressie game, so I ordered the gmen some socks they like. Four pairs, two of each colour, ordered online at the same time.
This is what I received - one box and one bag.
One set in the box, one set in the bag, both came from the exact same place. Really?! Who packages this way?!

I got this book for Nathan a couple of years ago, but we forgot about it last year. It's a little bear's journey following the "glittering star", as he meets traveling companions along the way. Very cute and we enjoy reading it together.

Last night he went to St. Nick's Night at school, and enjoyed making his "gingerbread" house. Then he played BINGO with Gammy so DH and I could have a night to ourselves - Win, win!

I received part of my Christmas pressie early from my chosen sister, Cori. Does she know me or what?! It's hanging on my craft room door, perfect spot for her.

One of my friends, Lisa, made me this decorated jar from a jar candle that was empty. I love the snow flake on top for the handle. It's a perfect ORT jar!

Excuse my messy table, but I think I finally have something big enough for all the Christmas/Holiday kits I have accumulated throughout the years. This was half price at Joann Fabrics so I couldn't resist. I always feel like I'm forever organizing something, but it feels so good when it turns out! 

What special way do you have of organizing your stash?


Maggee said...

I have a bunch of Christmas projects in a big plastic container... Totally ignored it this year, but may bring it out soon. I barely remember what is in it! I don't get the sock delivery process either!?! Hugs!

Vickie said...

Cori and Lisa's presents are super!!

stitchersanon said...

Organised? We have to be organised? Darn it! Lovely post. The gifts a great....and you reminded me I need to get boys socks. With them all being at home again I can't remember whose are three different colours it will be!

Faith... said...

What a cute son you have there! LOVE the gifts you have received. As far as organization...I always think I am organized until I have to look for something then everything gets all moved around where it doesn't go but I get to see all my stash! LOL

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Love Nathan's house and your festive box too.
I'm getting more organised with my stash, mostly in brown boxes or bags in the old coat cupboard I commandeered!

Bea said...

Organized? What foreign language are you speaking?

I agree - what a weird way to package! The gifts you got are lovely - talented friends are wonderful to have. Nathan did a wonderful job with his house.

Julie said...

Strange way to send out your parcels?
A super jar to hold the ORTS, that is lovely.
Nathans house looks great, well done.

Katie said...

I think places don't care about shipping anymore. Plus then the local mail person just lays it outside in the pouring rain no problems. When we have a covered porch a few steps away. Too bad it just seems to be getting worse all the way around. Glad Nathan enjoyed his book and his night with Gma. Date night is important. Oh I love your Out to Sea pillow ornament of course. The jar is beautiful too. I love those decorative boxes. How perfect for storing Christmas kits. I have two fabric totes and a small plastic tote full of my stitching.

Emily C said...

I have see through totes and bins, so I can always see what I have. Love your snowman box!