Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Still catching up...

I certainly couldn't forget Kim @ Wisdom with Needle and Thread, with her  generous gift for HER birthday! She celebrated her 60th in July, and sent out 60 lovely packages to 60 lucky blogging friends. I don't have much patriotic stitching, so this was perfect! Take a look at her blog to see all the wonderful things she sent out. Thank you, Kim, what a wonderful way to celebrate YOU!

DH and I did a little DIY project in the powder room one evening and we're still married - no arguing or yelling or anything!
The paint on the walls is just a flat paint, no semi-gloss, so it looked terrible when water was splashed on it from the sink.

Heading over to Pinterest, I found these boards called Stikwood and thought it looked pretty easy.
So I measured, ordered,
and hoped for the best!

We started at the bottom, but most of them had to be cut because they were too long. Luckily DH got his saw thingy out which made it easier. The door had to be removed, it was just a bit cramped in there.

The end result? Love it! 
It fits in perfectly for the ocean theme there. The only problem? It smelled sooo bad! I don't know if it was the wood or the glue/tape on the back, but it was horrible. I had the fan on for days and the plug-in air freshener helped.

 We headed to Deep Creek Lake in October to see the colours.

Full Hunter's Moon 

Heading back home, passing through Sidling Hill, stitching away.

This was supposed to be for a friend's wedding and I was going to change the words, but it really wasn't her style. So I decided to keep it and make it smaller. The words are over one on 40 count, that was rough!
Now I need to decide if I should stitch some of the fence or place a "real" fence in the frame when I finally frame it. No rush, I can wait until next year now.


Bea said...

Love your new bathroom wall! Had to laugh at your 'still married' comment - DIY can be stressful. Also love your autumn pictures - we don't get such vibrant changes here, so I really enjoyed the beauty. Nice finish - Poe is perfect for Halloween.

Justine said...

What lovely gifts from Kim. Such a lovely post with all your news too.

Vickie said...

Oh such nice gifts from Kim. Love your bathroom! What great photos Astrid! That is a neat finish you have there.

KimM said...

You are most welcome! So glad you enjoyed your gifts. Great bathroom remodel. Love seeing the 'thumbs up" in the mirror.

Linda said...

Cute finish Astrid and lovely gifts from Kim.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great work on the bathroom, I do not do DIY with my husband!
Nice spooky stitching and a wonderful moon too.

Julie said...

Beautiful parcel from Kim. Great pic you captured of the moon.

Maggee said...

Great finished bathroom wall... hope the smell stays away! And.... ooh Deep Creek Lake... a fave! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

Katie said...

Oh I just LOVE your new wall idea. How beautiful. Sorry for the stink and glad it finally went away. Love your other photos. Beautiful pics!! The finished piece is beautiful too. I love your idea of putting a piece of real fence in the framed piece.