Tuesday, 29 November 2016

I am not a Turkey... found turkeys!

I was at lunch duty today and seven turkeys showed up on the wall! They must have been hiding before Thanksgiving, just in case people thought they were still turkeys.

Hi, I am not a turkey. I am a tooth fairy. I use the teeth I get to make buildings in tooth fairy land. To get to my home from the human world, find the apple.

 Hello, my name is Luke Skywalker. I go around teaching many turkeys the force. Oops, I mean Jedis.

I'm not a turkey. I am a priest. Look at my rosary. I go to church to pray and worship God with other turkeys. Oops, I mean people.

 I'm not a turkey, I'm a robot. Look at my square head. I walk around space all day helping other turkeys. Oops, I mean robots.

 I'm not a turkey any more. I am Santa Claus. I am with you to celebrate. I brought thanksgiving.

I am a big woolly mammoth. The only one walking on the earth. How can you eat an extinct animal? That's right, you don't!

I am not a turkey. I am Charmeleon. If you eat me you will be on fire. Stay away from me!

Let's hope there aren't any more turkeys running loose in the school!


Bea said...

Very creative turkeys at your school - those costumes would have done well at Halloween.

Katie said...

So fun to read. Love creative kiddos.

Julie said...

So sweet.