Saturday, 12 November 2016

Last of the summer fun

Before the summer was over, the boys and I went to Ohio to visit DH's aunt and uncle, aka MeeMee and Poppy. We had a wonderful time with them and look forward to visiting again!
For a school project, Nathan had to interview the oldest family member, which happened to be Poppy!
Report: Social Studies, Interview of Family Member
By: Nathan
1. When were you born? Ronald was born on September 26, 1935.
2. Where were you born? He was born at Washington DC General Hospital.
3. Where do you live now? He lives in Beavercreek, Ohio, with his wife, Gerry.
4. Where did you live during your life? He lived in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Georgia, New Mexico, England, Florida, and Ohio.  
5. What was life like when you were my age? He had three younger brothers that bugged him and they all had to share a bedroom and had one bathroom to share with the whole family.
6. What did you do for fun? He played sandlot baseball, kick the can, soccer, and went swimming where he had to walk a mile to get to the pool.
7. What was school like for you? He had to wear knickers to school and hated it. He graduated high school in 1953 and college in 1958.
8. What did you do for work? In college, he worked at a hospital as an orderly. After college, he worked as an Internal Auditor for Sealtest Milk. He then joined the Air Force, flying planes and he taught others how to fly planes. He was in the Vietnam War.
9. What was your proudest accomplishment? He never bailed out or crashed his plane!
10. What was the biggest news story in your life? He was flying when the President, John F. Kennedy, was shot and they were recalled to land immediately and couldn’t fly for a week so they watched the news instead.
That was his written version, then he had to present to the class. He recreated it via skype to show MeeMee and Poppy later. He enjoyed doing this project!

Even cousin Meghan came to visit.

MeeMee told me she bought these two pieces in an antique shop, while living in England. I wish the date was on them!

This is in their church for the children to add their prayers to - just their height!

Before the summer truly ended, I was able to take my nieces to The Melting Pot for their annual birthday treat... mind you, their birthday was in December! I'm hoping this birthday we get to go in January or no later than February!

And here's a happy bunch of cousins...
three freshmen in college,
three 7th graders,
and a 4th grader!

In stitching news, I bought fabric from the sale at Picture this Plus and received it in the beginning of September! Maybe because I only ordered four?

A Mermaid AND a Dragon? Can't go wrong! 

Another lovely mermaid.

I've had this for years, maybe I'll finish it for next year?

I think I bought this fabric for Calipso, but I don't know why because I love what she's stitched on in the picture. But it would work for the Octopatches.

That's all for now, I need to bake/make a Pikachu cake for Nathan's birthday party tonight!


KimM said...

Oh my. The trip and project looks like fun. It's so nice to have young people reach out to their elders and learn about how life was "way back when." Love your new stash. You scored!

Linda said...

Loved seeing all of the family pics Astrid. Looks like fun times. Love your new fabric.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great post! I love Nathan's interview but please could you explain "knickers"? Ladies' underwear or knickerbockers? I can't imagine either!
The photos of the cousins all together are great, a nice one to treasure.
Love the stash, especially the Who Knew design, they can be quite hard to find.

Bea said...

Looks like a fun, and informative, trip. And what a wonderful project to be involved in. Love your new fabric and you've made great choices on the patterns to go with it.

Julie said...

I've really enjoyed reading your catch up posts. Such lovely times you have been having with family. Nathans interview is so lovely to read.

Katie said...

Great pics! Oh I love the fabrics you bought and the projects to be stitched on them. Can't wait to watch your progress!!

Maggee said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing your rest of the summer with family! Great interview! Lovely pictures of your family and extended family! Lots of BAPS ahead on those fabulous fabbys! Hugs!