Thursday, 24 November 2016

I am not a Turkey...

Time to love those 1st graders, I love their creativity!
Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate.
To those that don't? Happy Thursday!

My turkey is going to be very scary. My turkey is going to be a T-rex. People will not eat him. It will eat the people. 

My Spidey sense is tingling. I think someone wants to eat me. Why would someone want to eat your friendly neighborhood web slinger? It's not like I'm a turkey.

 Hi, my name is John the pumpkin. I make scary faces to scare away trick or treaters. Happy Halloween.

 Do not eat me. I am a sand trooper. I walk around all day saving the universe from...

 I like to dance like turkeys. I mean people. Look at my tutu. I am not a turkey, I am a ballerina!

 I am supergirl. I am strong. I love my friend batgirl. We fly all day long and visit our friend turkey. We have fun together.

I am a black cat. I go around scaring turkeys, I mean people. I like to gobble, I mean meow. 

I am a police man, not a turkey. I put people in jail. I give turkeys tickets. Oops, I mean people! 

I am a race care driver. Look at my race car clothes. I race against other race cars. I will get a trophy. 

I am not a turkey. I am a figure skater. I am going to be in the Olympics. I am going to win the gold medal. 

My name is Bella Butterfly. God made me full of beautiful colors. I eve represent new life. I love to play flutter tag. 

The Indian is a girl. She has a pet turkey. It's name is RoRoCoCo because he doesn't like water. He likes CoCo and I just like to call him RoRo. It's a cool name for a boy name RoRo and I call him.

I am not a turkey. I am a ref. You can't eat me. I make sure I get every point on the score board that the turkey kicks. Oops... I mean people.

I was born under the sea. I love my sea turtle friends and I love to play with them. I have a tail and I don't have feathers. 

Hi. I am not a turkey, I am a ballerina. I go to studio to teach children ballet. So do not eat me, I am not food. I will chosse... 

This tap dancer is not a turkey. She is beautiful when she dances. 

This turkey is an ice skater, she skates all around. She skates on the ice with her ice skates. She practices ice skating and twirls. 

I am a present for under the tree. You must wait until Christmas to open me! 

Hi. I am Katie Ledecky. I swim really really fast. I got lots of medals. I like to win races. I swim so fast it looks like I am... 

Hello, my name is Donnie and I am a Ninja Turtle. I live in the sewers and I like to eat pizza. I am not a turtle... oops turkey. 

I am not a turkey. I am a Ghostbuster. Look at my proton pack. I drive the Ecto1 around the city and capture ghosts.

 I'm not a turkey. I'm a football player. People watch me on TV on Thanksgiving Day. They do not eat me.

Please don't eat me because my grandchildren will miss me. 

I am not a turkey. I am a Southwest Pilot. I fly families to see each other on Thanksgiving. I hope I don't get eaten, j.k. Pass the pie!

I an a brave knight. I have a blue cross on my shining armor. I have a red feather on the helmet. I protect those in need. 

I am not a turkey. I am a Hammond High School cheerleader. I cheerlead for other turkeys, oh, I mean other people that play football. 

I am a famous ballerina. Can't you see my fancy tutu? I am a graceful dancer. 

I am not a turkey, my name is Batman. I swoop in to save other turkeys from Thanksgiving dinner. I wear all black so no one can see me on the turkey farms.

 I might look yummy, but I am not an ordinary turkey. I am pepperoni pizza. Eat more pizza. 

I am not a turkey. I am Michelangelo. Look at my orange mask. I run around saving other turkeys. Oops! I mean people. 

 Do not eat! I am not a turkey. My pom poms will not taste good.

 I am not turkey. I am bat girl. Look at my black cape and ears. I fly helping turkeys. Oops, I mean people.

I am not a turkey. I am a witch. Look at my magic broom. I trick turkeys. Oops... I mean people! 

I am not a turkey! I am a rainbow! I am colorful and I have clouds! 

I am not a turkey. I am a fairy. Turkey is yucky for a feast. At Thanksgiving I eat roast beef. I'll grant many wishes, if you stay away from turkey dishes. Gobble Gobble... oops! 

I am not a turkey, my name is Isabella and I am a SLS cheerleader, not a Thanksgiving turkey. If I do not cheer for SLS the school will not have... 

Hay! Don't eat me I'm not a turkey, I'm a soccer player from Cameroon in Africa, player number 9 and I won my first trophy in America.

 I am not a turkey. I am Ariel. Look at my tail, my red hair, and my starfish bow. I swim around the sea and talk to fish.

I am not a turkey. I am a baseball player. I am Buster Posey, a catcher for the San Francisco Giants. I was the Nation League MVP in 2012.

 I am not a turkey. I am a Lizard. I play lacrosse in New York. My name is Paul Rabil. Do not eat me because I am sweaty. 

I am not a turkey. I am a Christmas tree. My star is so bright and my branches are as green as evergreen. Don't eat me, I'm a turkey... Oops, I mean Christmas tree.

 I am not a turkey. I am a snowboarder. I am having fun in the snow. I drink hot chocolate.

Hey, I am not a turkey. Look, I am a beautiful ballerina name Nadia. Watch me do the splits in midair. Fancy, eh! 

I am not a turkey. I am Mrs. Teacher from SLS. Don't eat me, I am a person. I taste sour. 

This one is from Nathan, now in 4th grade.
Hello! My name is Nate and I'm a scarecrow. I have a nice farm with no crows! Amazing, right? Wait, what is that? Is it a tornado? Aaaaah!
Where am I? I can see people looking through a cage but they don't look like my farm. I also see an animal and it looks furry. I hear it growling, and I also hear some people talking. Someone threw something juicy at me and it tastes meaty. I feel green stuff on my back and it tickles me. The fuzzy thing rubbed me and it felt soft. But it smells horrible, wherever I am.
Get me out of here! I think it's going to lay on me! Can you please tell me where I am?


Justine said...

I love reading these every year! How old are these kids? They have fantastic imaginations. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

KimM said...

Absolutely adorable! Happy Thanksgiving.🦃

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

My favourite post of the entire blogosphere! There seem to be lots of dancers and superheroes this year. I love the pizza one and the sour tasting teacher.
I believe Nathan's scarecrow has landed in the lion enclosure! Hope it's the cowardly lion and he doesn't get eaten.

Bea said...

What terrific stories and wonderful imaginations! Thank you for sharing them. Happy Thanksgiving.

Katie said...

Just love reading these. Thanks for sharing!! Couldn't stop smiling the whole post.

Ariadne said...

How great is that!I am a teacher of English in a Primary State school.This is so useful for me!Thanks for the idea!AriadnefromGreece!

Kaisievic said...

This is such a fun post - I love all of the different reasons for not eating the Turkey!