Saturday, 9 December 2017

Day 9 of the Advent Calendar 🚪

Welcome to Jo's Online Advent Calendar, Day 9!

I stitched this Mill Hill Frosty Mug this year. Although this isn't exactly how I'm finishing it, I had to dress it up a bit for you!

This year I finally put up our craft tree - all handmade ornaments from family and friends.

Mainly the boys treasures, but also some from my DH's childhood and mine. And of course friends - Noni, do you see what you sent me?!

And here's all the lovely ones that DJ made me. The snowman in the middle is the newest one, isn't he adorable?!

Jo's question this year was... what are your plans and traditions for Boxing Day?
We moved to the States from Wales when I was two, so we brought Boxing Day with us.
Since we didn't have any family here, we celebrated that day by inviting friends over for plenty of food and fun. I remember being read to and then reading myself all the fun annuals I received at Christmas. My parents always took off that day and I did too when I was older and working.

Luckily, DH has off between Christmas and the New Year, which makes it nice. We used to spend Boxing Day with my parents, but now we stay home and maybe have friends over for food and hopefully fun! Nathan has been receiving annuals every year and he'll spend time reading them like I used to.
This year I'd like to say I'll organise my stitching stash and plan what I want to stitch for the year, but I'll be realistic and be happy if I get to stitch!

Please pop on over tomorrow to my lovely stitching friend's door, Vickie at A Stitcher's Story.

Thanks once again, Jo, for continuing this wonderful tradition. It wouldn't be Christmas without it!

And here's wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and fun-fulled Boxing Day! 


  1. Your Frosty Mug is cute, cute, cute! And so are you being read to.;) What an awesome craft tree! And you are blessed to own so many of DJ's lovely pieces!

  2. Thanks for taking part in this year's Advent Calendar Blog Hop. I just love organising it, seeing all the photos and reading the answers to the question.
    Love the photo of you as a little girl, so sweet! Your tree is gorgeous too with all the hand-crafted decorations. They are so special.
    We do still sell annuals, especially the Rupert one but there are fewer titles every year as they go out of fashion.

  3. Wow...I got my own little section of the tree? spoiled am I? What lovely traditions that have been passed down to you and that you now pass down to your boys. Your snowman came out so cute! Can't wait to see how you will finally finish him! Have a Merry Christmas, my friend!

  4. Love your frosty snowman Astrid!
    Interesting to read that you came from Wales, and nice to see your Christmas tree and all those stitched decorations .... especially love the TUSAL bauble!
    Happy Christmas, Astrid!
    Barbara xx

  5. I... I have no idea what an "annual" is! I guess a magazine...? Your ornament tree is amazing! It's great that you can have a whole tree dedicated to just handmade goodies! Your snowman looks great too; it will be interesting to see him Finally Finished when your impromptu photo display looks so good haha

  6. The Frosty Mug is so cute. I love your tree. I have the same kind. I have things my children(now in their 40's)made many years ago. I also have special things from my parents trees that go back to my own childhood, no designer tree here but a tree full of memories.

  7. Oh my, Astrid, this is such an awesome tree. And so very special with all the handmade ornaments. Our tree has always been the same, only with little ornaments that my kids made when they were young (we still have them all) and some Santa ornaments that I stitched and finished.
    We don't have Boxing Day either but we have two Christmas holidays. And the second holiday is always spent relaxing, reading and stitching.

  8. Your craft tree is just stunning!
    Love the picture of you with your annual, one of my daughters has had the Doctor Who one every year since the reboot, I still have to buy it for her even though she is in her twenties now!

  9. Your MH is adorable. Looks too cute dressed up for the picture. I just love your homemade tree. How fun! Thanks for sharing your traditions.

  10. The Frosty Mug is cute, and I love the crafts tree! x

  11. What a lovely tree, it must be so nice to see all those ornaments made by stitching friend. The mug is too cute, I wish it can be real right now (for me)! Joyeux Noël ! xxx

  12. Cute Frosty mug and gorgeous craft tree. I remember receiving the annuals each Christmas, loved them and being read to.

  13. I did enjoy my visit very much. I love your craft tree.

  14. We love annuals! My youngest loves Liverpool football club so always has their annual plus the football ones...and elder sob likes Harry Potter and Beano annuals.

    Your tree is beautiful as is your lovely new ornament!

  15. Another fun post with Spike and friends Astrid.


  16. What are Annuals? A wrap-up magazine? Thanks for sharing your Christmas traditions and tree with us! Hugs!

  17. I love your Frosty Mug,what a great design to choose for the advent blog hop.

  18. I love all of your beautiful ornaments.

  19. I love all of your ornaments. What a great job you have done. I just found your blog tonight and signed up. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  20. Sorry to be visiting so late, but the Christmas crush was crazy. I've definitely used part of my Christmas hols to organize. Unfortunately I'd need a month off to do a proper job of it! Happy new year!


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