Saturday, 23 December 2017

Another five fun filled days

The merriment continues...

On day sixteen, the Hogwarts gang came for a visit. Even the dreaded Dementors! They also left a "cootie catcher" to figure out which House he belongs in.

On day seventeen, Rudolph and friends dropped by and made Bumble out of Legos.

On day eighteen, Nathan found Christmas music playing and Spike's Lego friends were dancing with the M&M guys.

On day nineteen, Spike and Scotch were handing out Santa hat kisses to everyone.

On day twenty, Santa came by for a big Santa hat kiss of his own!

What will they get into next?


Linda said...

These posts are so much fun Astrid.


Faith... said...

That elf is very busy moving around your home!

Merry Christmas to you and yours! May Santa bring you everything on your wishlist!

Katie said...

So creative! Nathan is lucky to have such a cool mom.