Monday, 25 December 2017

Almost time to go

It's almost the end of Spike's adventures.

On day twenty one, Nathan finally found them and yelled, "Spike's got a girlfriend!"

He shared more candy with them this year.

And he couldn't forget the rest of the misfits.

One day twenty two, Spike, Scotch, and their Lego buddies tried sledding.

 I think they need a little more room.

On day twenty three, Spike and the Ninjago gang got together to give Nathan a Ninjago figure and Lego erasers.

On day twenty four, Spike read, "The Night Before Christmas" to Scotch and their friends.

But we missed it, so we had to read it together later as a family.

As of now, he's still waiting for Father Christmas.
I wonder if he'll go back with him or stick around another day?


Brigitte said...

Although I'm not familiar with the Toy Story and its characters it was a lot of fun to follow Spike's adventures.
Have a great Christmas Day!

Linda said...

Oh Astrid this posts were so much fun to see. I'm really going to miss them. Where can I get a Spike?


Katie said...

So much fun to see what Spike has been up to. Thanks for sharing with us.