Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Sad Treasures

Back in June I went to the Goodwill store near me and found these...

 This was written on the back.

So very sad, I often wonder what will happen to things I stitched (already found one here!)

I didn't purchase any of those, but I did rescue this one.

I had seen it before in one of my magazines and thought about stitching it, but never did.
I felt this one needed to be "saved" and for $4 it wasn't too hard! The frame isn't the best, so I might reframe it.
It's stitched beautifully and the skin is over one. I wish they had put their initials and/or date on it.


  1. It makes me sad too, when I see 'no longer wanted' stitched items, and I wonder how many don't even make into secondhand stores...

    My stitchy friend who lives nearby reckons she has dibs on my stash when I go, and she'll be more than welcome to it- I want my stash to go to someone who will use it!

  2. It IS a sad thing... Apparently no one around here has stuff dumped, cause I have never seen any in thrift stores! Yay? Hugs!

  3. Yes, I too hate finding sad treasures at the Goodwill Store or Salvation Army Store. Yet, I always go over and check for cross stitched items. :(

  4. It saddens me too but at least in the States there are thrift stores and people sell them and someone else finds them and gives them love like you did. Guess where they end up in Greece.In the trash bin.AriadnefromGreece!

  5. That is so sad. I often wonder what happens to things I've stitched for gifts when people pass away. I hope they don't just get thrown away.

  6. That is sad. And they are all beautifully stitched! I have "rescued" several from our local Goodwill store and flea markets. There were more that I didn't rescue. I had to pick out my favorites as there were so many! The one you bought is so pretty!

  7. I'd love to find some decent stitching in a charity shop! I'd have bought the L&L Angel as I have stitched several of them myself as gifts.
    I've given my son instructions on who to contact if I pop off suddenly and he needs to redistribute my stash!

  8. I'm with Jo, I would have gone with the angel. I guess I feel a bit ambivalent. If someone doesn't love it, it should end up with someone who does. But you kind of hope that the original owner/recipient would love it...forever.

  9. I wonder too. The first crewel pillow I made I gave to my aunt and uncle to thank them for letting me vacation with them. They're both gone now and I've toyed with the idea of asking my cousin if she still has it, but probably won't. It would be nice for someone to rescue these pieces. Glad you got one.

  10. This makes me so sad, but I have a feeling my stuff will be in a charity shop one day...DH has already said he's going to have a yard sale and sell everything at 50 cents a piece. If you see my obituary, better run to my house and see if there is anything there you would like, I'm sure it will be at bargain prices! LOL

  11. This is definitely sad to think how many wonderfully stitched items are not rescued by anyone. At least in your country there are thrift stores where unwanted stitched pieces and charts can go. And maybe find a new owner who loves the pieces. Here there aren't a lot of these stores and besides this cross stitch isn't very popular, so most unwanted pieces would land in the trash.

  12. Its very sad to see all these pictures languishing, let's hope someone might love them again!

    Maybe they were from house clearances and no one knew the stitchers of those pieces to return them.

    I sometimes buy cross stitch kits in charity shops, but more for the threads as I don't usually like the patterns ..... but then I might change my mind later and stitch them if my ideas change. Haven't seen much stitching in charity shops lately though, not sure if they get snapped up quickly, or the shops don't bother to put stitching out!

    Barbara x


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