Monday, 21 August 2017

Eclipse Fun and My Stitch Partner

DH and Nathan getting his viewer ready.
He took it to camp with him to use.

Karen using the one I made one just before it started. We were only going to be able to see 80% of it. If Karen had stayed in SC longer before moving, she would have seen it at 100%. She kept wanting to take a direct peek, but I told her she needed her stitching eyes undamaged!

I love how you can see the trees, clouds, and sun in there.

It's a heart!

You can't tell from this picture, but it was dark enough that the outside lights came on.

After that, we went inside to see it live and clearly. So awesome!

Then Ming and Max had to check the box out, silly kitties.

Nathan wanted to stitch again, but wanted to do something other than the cat he had started several years ago. He lost interest in it because it was hard using the yarn that it came with.

He chose this and is quite happy doing it. Can you guess what it is with the little bit he's done?


Maggee said...

I cannot guess what it will be...! Glad you enjoyed viewing and experiencing the eclipse yesterday. I watched it on tv since it was not going to be much darkness here. It was pretty cool to see that ISS passing by--loved that shot! I am going to try to find out how birds reacted to the sudden onset of darkness, should be interesting. Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

Vickie said...

Glad you got to see the eclipse. We had clouds and rain before hand. :(

Is it Pokemon related he is stitching?

Faith... said...

The eclipse was only 60% coverage here and i didn't go out to see it. Looking out the window though the sky did not look any darker as we also had lots of cloud coverage.

I can not tell what Nathan is stitching but I am excited to see him stitching. My 11 year old grandson just expressed an interest (again) and his birthday will be in a month so I will be assembling him a small kit with all the "necessities" for his big day.

Debbie W. said...

Wasn't the eclipse awesome? Our monthly knitting group just happened to be meeting at 2 pm that day, so we shared a couple of pairs of eclipse glasses, along with the shoebox "device", and a colander. If nothing else, we had plenty of options, but none of us took pictures, so I am very glad to see yours. Nice job!

Meanwhile, I am really curious about what Nathan is stitching: could it be Lego-related, or perhaps Transformer-related? Looking forward to finding out! :)

Barb said...

Keep up the good work Nathan, I can't guess yet! The eclipse was a fun neighborhood event here. We had 97% but it stayed pretty light. I was shocked at how much light we still had.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Q: How do you get four Pikachus on a bus?
A: You Pokemon.

Love that the cats are using the viewers to enjoy the eclipse too.

DJ said...

Looks like you all had fun watching the eclipse, maybe we can get together for the 2024 eclipse? I stepped outside for a brief moment when it was at it's peak...but didn't get any outside pictures. Good on Nathan for picking up a needle and thread!! I can't guess just yet what it will be, but can't wait to see his progress!

Katie said...

We were at 99.9% while on vacation in Gatlinburg. It was a lot more neat than I thought it was going to be. Your pictures are fun. Thanks for sharing. Love the kitties trying out the box haha. Glad Nathan enjoyed stitching again.