Sunday, 15 June 2014

My New Stitching Partner and bday goodies

Since Nathan finished school, I took him with me when I met DJ at Peace of Pizza and The Stitching Post on Thursday.  Nathan asked me to stitch him a cat, but instead we found this for him to stitch himself.  He was so excited and couldn't wait to start!

Not only was I supervising, but Max was too.

Even before breakfast he wanted to pick it up again.

Max trying to help with Nathan's string.

I'm loving my stitching buddy!

Then is was time for some flag football!

Not only did DJ treat Nathan and I to lunch at Peace of Pizza as a birthday treat, but she also gave me my gift.  She did a great job, I LOVE it!  And it smells wonderful too.  Thank you, my lovely chosen sister!

Then another chosen sister, Cori, decided she couldn't wait to give me my birthday present, she was too excited!  A beautiful mermaid photo album and little mermaid box, loving my mermaids!  And she knows how much I love Odie, he will be added to my collection once I unpack it in the new house.

The real birthday celebration will be tomorrow, I think I'm taking Nathan to see "How to Train your Dragon 2".  I really need to look into getting some Astrid toys/dolls/something!


Julie said...

Happy Birthday wishes to you Astrid, have a wonderful day.

Looking forward to seeing your stitching buddy's finish.

Kevin said...

Happy Birthday! And a big "high five!" for Nathan on his first stitching project!! Very cool to see young kids learning a craft, and I'm always encouraged to see young men joining the ranks of stitchers out there.

KimM said...

Happy Birthday and best wishes. What a great stitching buddy -

Vickie said...

Happy Birthday to you! How totally cool for you and Nathan to stitch together.

Linda said...

Happy Birthday Astid. How neat that your son wants to stitch with you, Love the pics of Max the helper.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Happy Birthday and well done to Nathan for joining us in this hobby.

I am unsure about the second film, I think my son has outgrown the animated version, the books are much darker as they progress through the series. The final one is due out in September, I can't wait!!

cucki said...

Happy birthday with lots of love xxx

Jan said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day and have fun with Nathan. Some of the best stitching I have ever seen has been done by men. Let him know that.

DJ said...

Way to go Nathan! Looks like we'll have to get another chair at our stitch dates, Astrid! Love the mermaids!! So glad you liked your gift! Happy Birthday! (Oh and thanks again for the movie date...I loved it!!)

Debbie W. said...

Happy birthday, Astrid, and great job, Nathan! Your post reminds me so much of crafting activities I did with my now 20-something son when he was Nathan's age. Such wonderful memories you and Nathan are making! :) See u at book club in the fall!