Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Hey, this looks familiar!

Yesterday, Nathan and I went to our church's White Elephant sale to donate things and shop.
They have books, magazines, DVD's, music, seasonal items, toys (Nathan's fav), and STUFF! 
In the craft section, I'm looking around and see this, thinking, "Hey, this looks familiar... I made this!!!"
It was a little mason jar I filled with chocolates and gave to πŸ˜” I can't remember who! It was either a teacher's aide or Nathan's bus driver, I've got sometimers and can't remember which one!
It was originally supposed to be a card, but I made this instead.
So for 50¢, I bought it back and it was filled with buttons. I didn't know whether to be happy or sad!

After that surprising discovery, I found this box of beads for $3. Perfect for stitching OR jewelry, and the box holds them nicely.

Then I found these for $3 a box! I know I already have all the colours, but having extra doesn't hurt and I can share with my gf who's learning to stitch.

Now this is different, I've never seen it before. Since we've been to all these places, I thought it might be worth trying - and if not, 50¢ for nine colours of WDW was worth it!

My final craft purchase was this yarn to make scarfs. I'm not sure if the black and gold will be for my team, the Saints, or my gf's team, the Steelers.
Um, Geaux Saints!

I'd say my $11.50 was well spent! 
Every day brings something new, so we'll head back there today to donate more and go shopping.

I know I'm behind on blog reading and posting about our trip, I'll work on that this week. Next week I'll be with Nathan and 13 Arrow of Lights Scouts at scout camp - ALL DAY AS A CO-LEADER - wish me luck!


Vickie said...

Oh man. I say be happy. You got it back WITH buttons!!😁 You got a lot of great things for so little. Very,very well done!

Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

I think you should be happy! You got your work back...and it's filled with buttons. I absolutely adore those postage stamp embroidery blocks. You had some good finds. --Andrea

Katie said...

I love going to sales because you never know what you might find. Great finds. I would be so hurt to see something I stitched though. I'm glad you were able to get it back. I think this is why I don't stitch for others that I don't know will appreciate it. Scares me to put my heart into something they don't care for. Have fun at the scout camp.

Faith... said...

Looks like you had a great white elephant haul! I would have bought the piece I stitched back too and look, you have the perfect use for it!

Barb said...

At least you got things you like! Good luck with the
Scouts. It sounds like a lot of tiring fun!!

Linda said...

Awesome finds Astrid.


Justine said...

Sounds like a great sale! I would be glad to have that sweet button jar back.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Good idea to buy it back! I expect staff get so many gifts they have to downsize sometimes?
The WDW were an absolute bargain too.

Bethan said...

I think be pleased it's worked its way back to you with a new use - it's a lovely design. You have managed some great crafty finds and purchases! Good luck at Scout camp! x

Brigitte said...

I think you should be happy for getting your jar back - and filled with buttons. It's great to see all your new treasures, particularly all the threads. For only little money, lucky you.

RJ said...

Although it would be a little disappointing that someone didn't keep your gift, it was a great find filled with buttons. And the other things you found were an awesome deal too especially the weeks dye threads...they run $2.20 and up for one. So all and all you did great! RJ@stitchingfriendsforever