Sunday, 20 October 2013

4th Annual Laps for Lexi

It's that time of year, LAPS FOR LEXI!

"SEPTEMBER 28, 2013 - 4th ANNUAL LAPS FOR LEXI. Laps for Lexi is a way to help raise money for childhood cancer research while demonstrating Lexi's continuing impact on the family, friends, and community who love her."

You can read about the previous years here...
2nd Annual Laps for Lexi
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The gmen didn't go this year, but my gf Nina did!  We missed her last year because she had a wedding to go to.  Her daughter and son in law were able to join us too, the more the merrier!
This is Lexi's Dad, Pet, with Nina, Nathan and I. - Childhood friends!

Pup friendly, there were plenty of dogs and here's a couple cuties!

Here's Pet recording...
...Madison and Davis performing the song they wrote for Lexi, "Forever and Always".  

Big money, AWESOME!  One for Children's National Medical Center and one for Sandy Spring Friends School Scholarship Fund.

The Children's Hospital Bear even joined in on the fun.

Getting ready for the balloon release.

Lexi's sister Sammi, and Mom Cyndi, have their balloons too.

Lexi's classmates

Sending love above

Pet getting pretty!
Let's walk!
Nina having fun - camera wars!

Beth watching over under Nathan.

Some signs the kids at school made. 

My bracelets!  Just missing the first one, which I just found.

 Another great year to honour a wonderful little girl who is loved and missed by so many people. 

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Julie said...

I hope you raised lots of money.