Saturday, 24 September 2011

2nd Annual Laps for Lexi

 So Nathan and I went to the 2nd annual Laps for Lexi today with some friends I grew up with.  There was a 5K cross country fun run, 1 mile cross country walk and children's bike/scooter parade.  Well-trained, child-friendly dogs on leashes were also included on the walk!  

"Lexi was a beautiful 8 year old with an infectious smile and a twinkle in her eye. Lexi showed her zest for life - and speed - everytime she rode her purple bike. Lexi was a wonderful daughter, little sister and friend who thoroughly enjoyed life and who was taken from us much too soon. Come honor Lexi’s legacy and help us raise money to fight childhood cancer!"

 Purple balloons were everywhere!  


Before the run, the 5th grade class sent off some balloons to Lexi.

There were at least 50 signs that kids had made and placed along the paths.


 Since it had rained hard the day before and with the threat of rain today, I bought Nathan some new rain boots to wear for the walk.  He loved them and they worked perfectly on the very muddy trail we went on.  He actually avoided the puddles, lucky me!

 We were only supposed to walk a mile, but somehow missed the sign showing us the mile marker, so we kept on walking.  Nathan really did great, he didn't complain too much - I kept distracting him by asking him to help me look for signs and look at all the wonders of the woods.

Another incentive for him was cookies and cupcakes afterwards!  I also ended up throwing in some lollipops and he got a couple tattoos.


  Here's our elementary/jr high group in support of Petr and his family.  Hopefully next year it will be bigger!

And look at how much they raised for CNMC!  I'm not sure that that included the money from the goodies that were sold, so it could be a little bit more.

So this is where the cross stitch comes in.  Last year, I wanted to make Lexi's sister, Sammy, a cross stitched piece - see Cross stitch for SammyI'm embarrassed to write that I still haven't made it.  I did buy a pattern book, but it didn't have the pattern with the cloud in it.  I still need to get that pattern, BUT,  I did see another picture I like.  This one would be more work since I don't think it's a cross stitch pattern so I would have to convert it and also change it to the Funshine bear.  I really like this one though, especially hanging from the star.  Arggg, I can't decide!  Once again, any thoughts, ideas?


Mouse said...

ooo well done on the walk ... have you got a cross stitch program you can import the chart to and add the cloud to it ???? I've got the I stitch one and if you need some help with it just squeak ok and we will see what we can do :) love mouse xxxx

DJ said...

I like this design, Astrid! I'll help you make a pattern if you like... *Hugs* Good for Nathan, walking 2 miles...I'm impressed!

Astrid's dragon said...

Thanks for offer girls! I'm going to try a couple things but I may need help if it doesn't work out. I'll let you know....