Sunday, 30 January 2011

Something for Sammy

A friend of mine since elementary school, lost his youngest daughter, Alexis, to cancer last March; she was only eight.  She loved Funshine Bear and the colour purple.  Her older sister is Sammy and she’s the one I’m trying to make something for. 

 Laps for Lexi was an event, in honour of Lexi, to raise money for childhood cancer.  The boys and I and some "old' friends from school went and it was very special.
Here’s my dilemma, I want to make something for Sammy and I’m not sure which one to do.  I like the first one, but would change it to the yellow Funshine Bear that’s shown in the other two pictures.  I also like the 3rd one, in the clouds.  I have one friend tell me I shouldn’t put Lexi’s name on it, and other one tell me I should – thoughts?  I’m not sure if I’m framing it or making it a hanging pillow/ornament, but I could put something on the back of it.

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Emily said...

I would do the third one, and put her name on it. And tell her that its to represent her sister looking down on her from Heaven.

DJ said...

Oh, Astrid, You are so thoughtful! I too like the third one, and whether or not you put Alexis' name on it, it will always remind Sammy of her sister. A pillow would be nice, then Sammy can hug it if she wants to. My heart goes out to this family. *Hugs*

Kttycat said...

I totally agree with what Emily said. I think it would be the perfect idea!

♥ Nia said...

I would go for the 3rd one, with her name :)
I think girls like pillows to 'hug' :D I think a pillow would be a beautiful gift! =)

Astrid's dragon said...

Thanks for your input! I'm going to make the 3rd one a pillow, with some string to hang it if she'd like. Still not sure about her name, I'm thinking of putting it on the back. I'd like to have it done by next month, but we'll see.