Wednesday, 2 February 2011

No Time to Stitch... : (

Today was another crazy, busy day, and it was too late to stitch!  The day started off by taking Nathan to preschool and then heading over to Angie’s house so she could help me be creative for my Valentine’s swap.  Stayed until I had to pick Nathan up at 1pm and then headed back home.  Snuggled with Nathan (dozed just a little bit) and then it was time to pick up Garrett & Griffin for their orthodontist appointments.  Dropped them off there, then took Nathan to his karate class.  Stopped at the local mini market after his class to pick up currants & honey for the boys to use for a project for school.  Picked the boys up at the dentist and finally headed home!  Luckily, leftover night for dinner and Garrett even made Nathan his noodles. 

After dinner, we started making Ukrainian Christmas Honey Cookies for Garrett’s project.  Looked easy, but I tried to let him do most of it so he still needed help.  Didn’t check with him on one part and said it was okay to add the extra egg… wrong!  Ending up having to add more flour than I wanted, and it was still too goopy.  But we rolled, cut, brushed & sprinkled and here’s our end result.  Not too bad, kind of tasted like a gingerbread cookie, but I could taste the honey.  He had plenty for school and even some extra for us.
Next week, I'll be helping Griffin make Welsh Cakes, but that will be a breeze.  Being Welsh and having made them before gives us the advantage!

So after finishing up baking and cleaning up all that mess, I realized it was too late to start my new SAL for Margaret Sherry Lovers.  Tomorrow should be better for stitching, I need to get started!


DJ said...

You are one busy lady!! I love the cat you chose to stitch for the Margaret Sherry SAL, so cute!! Can't wait to see your progress! We'll have to get together for a real show and tell soon! *Hugs*

♥ Nia said...

I started my first cat today! :D
Hope to see some progress of your cat soon ;)
Have a great Sunday!!