Monday, 21 February 2011

Snowed In?

Looks like we might be snowed or sleeted in at the lake! I've read anywhere from 6-10", we'll see. So, I'm trying to work on my SAL with the cats "helping me".

There has been no internet since we got here on Friday and I feel so lost, my phone only does so much and even this is a chore! Haven't been able to read any blogs, I'm going to be so far behind! Just thankful to be in a warm house with family and our friend, John, who may not be making it home tomorrow to Texas. Happy stitching to everyone, off to bed.


Parsley said...

I was in your place not long ago without internet. It's so hard! Love your stitching buddies! Stay warm and hopefully you'll be out of the house and on the internet soon...with lots of stitching to show.

DJ said...

Well, were you disappointed by the amount of snow? You probably got more where you were than we did here, but still school was closed and so was DH's workplace. At least you got to stitch! I got to entertain my guys. LOL *Hugs* (Hey, are you up for another meeting soon? I feel a run to the LNS coming on!!)

Astrid's dragon said...

P - Well, not too much stitching was going on - too much to do getting the house back together!

DJ - We really didn't get that much snow. The boys already had off so they didn't miss anything. Yes, I'd love to meet again! I'll email you.