Monday, 5 September 2011

Picture "Published"! Mermaids

How cool is this... way back in March, I posted about some quilts made by my friend in PA - Amish and More QuiltsShe is totally amazing and has made some beautiful quilts.  Well, I received an email about it - 
Dear Astrid,
I write to you on behalf of the International Menno Simons Center Foundation at Witmarsum, Frysl n, The Netherlands.
We have seen this picture in your blog and would like to use it on the front cover of a little recipe book on Mennonite historical traditional food. The year 2011 is a special year for the Mennonites, because Menno Simons died 450 years ago and more commemorations in the Dutch Mennonite Conference take place. The International Menno Simons Center is organizing the reflection Path from Pingjum to Witmarsum, where Menno Simons was born and left the Roman Catholic Church in 1534.
One of the projects is 'Doperse diaspora', (Mennonite diaspora) for what we would like to publish this small recipe booklet. My question for you is: would you permit us to use the picture for the recipe booklet?

Of course I had to check with HJ, and she said no problem - but wanted them to know she didn't design it, she used a pattern.  She did ask for a copy if they used it and so they sent us BOTH one!

So even though I don't know any Dutch, some of these recipes might be worth translating! 

On another note, the mermaids are pretty much done, I just have to accessorize them and then finish the borders and "fluff".
We were at the lake this weekend so I also took some time out to read.   Oh well, back to the real world.

Some of the tree have already started to change colour, can't wait to go back!


DJ said...

Wow, I know someone who has a published picture, can I have your autograph? Congratulations! You look so relaxed while you read... See you tomorrow! *Hugs*

mdgtjulie said...

That's awesome. It just goes to show you, pics are a wonderful thing on your blog!!! Grats to both of you! Lovely scenery. I like the fall look of the trees already. I'm hoping the cooler temps stick around too!! Hope you're still enjoying the lake!!