Saturday, 6 October 2012

3rd Annual Laps for Lexi

Last Saturday, I attended the 3rd annual Laps for Lexi event.  This precious little eight year old was the daughter of a friend I went to elementary, jr high and high school with.  She died of cancer and this walk was to raise money for childhood cancer at Children's Hospital in DC.  Here's the post for last year - 2nd Annual Laps for Lexi.
Not only did Nathan go with me, but the gmen too!  Although Garrett didn't actually walk with us, he was using crutches for his leg that got hurt during a football game.
This year was different, there was a one mile walk area and a 5k run area.  We walked the one mile and although it was nice, I liked walking through the woods better.  After our walk, I gave the boys money to get some of Lexi's favourite cookies and I headed off to walk in the woods and take pictures of all the signs the kids made.  When I got back, Nathan was not very happy that I went without him!  So, off we went for another walk - it was a beautiful morning for it.

 Once again, purple balloons were everywhere!  
Loved the signs the kids made! 
 Boys and balloons! 
   Unfortunately, none of our other classmates were able to attend - better luck next year!
And look at how much they raised for CNMC!  I'm pretty sure it got as high as $41,000 when it was all over.

Here's where I confess I still haven't stitched anything for Sammi, Lexi's older sister.  I did receive a pattern maker program, but I'm still trying to figure it out and haven't been quite happy with my results yet.  My goal is to have a Carebear pattern to start in January - probably Funshine Bear swinging from the moon or stars.


  1. I'm sorry I was away, I would have loved to walk with you and the boys. Looks like they had a successful turnout though! See you soon! *Hugs*

  2. Well done in taking part. A good sum was raised.


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