Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Sandy Shmandy!

We survived Hurricane Sandy and didn't even lose power, unbelievable!
We all slept in the basement just in case anything fell on the roof and luckily it didn't.  Although I can't say the same thing for the shed.

Pretty sure the leaf catcher isn't going to work like that.

The tree limb went right through the floor.
And then there was the tree limb on the power line.

Other than that, all was well.  But if you've seen any pictures of the eastern shore, NJ or NY, oh my.  I have nothing to complain about.  Continued prayers.

As for Deep Creek Lake in western MD, snow, snow, snow!  In some places, over 2 feet.  My mil received an email about the neighborhood - trees down all over the place and no electricity for about a week, if not longer.  I don't think they've been able to clear the road near the house, who knows when.  But I bet it looks pretty!


Nicola said...

The trail of devastation shown in the papers and on the news is horrendous. Thank God you, your family and home are safe and sound..

DJ said...

Hi Astrid!! So glad to hear you made it through with minimal damage! Hope everything is ok out at Deep Creek Lake!! We lost power for 15 hours, but other than that we are fine. I have friends who weren't so lucky in NY and NJ. We really were spared weren't we? Can't wait for tomorrow, they are still having the craft fair, right? *Hugs*