Monday, 22 October 2012

October TUSAL and Hermitting

Not too much to add, I've been working slowing on my TOT Fairy. 

Hermitting this past weekend was a little difficult.  The boys and I went to visit my parents in western MD to celebrate Dad's belated birthday and to see the beautiful fall colours.  This took up most of our time...
Maryland and USA flag
Just walked ran across the bridge
Cemetery outside Cumberland
Ghoul in the woods!
That's what you have to wear for a rum cake
Sweet Halloween Treats!
Making friends
Colours of Cumberland
The Narrows (Lover's Leap)
Oma's chapel
Love my Mama!
What is it with boys and fire?
Roasting ghosts!
Halloween House
Saying goodbye to Oma
Bye, Opa
Last pic on our way home

 I might have an additional post about our weekend tomorrow, my Dad wrote to his friends about it and told them he couldn't believe everything we did!


Parsley said...

Family time is the best! I see you roast peeps too! Lol

Nicola said...

A beautiful post about times to be treasured.

DJ said...

Leaf peeking and peep roasting, looks like you had a grand weekend!! The color of the trees is amazing, I love the fall! So glad you and the boys had a good weekend with your parents.

Joysze said...

Beautiful pics! :D