Sunday, 27 October 2013

Harpers Ferry Adventure

Thursday was a beautiful day for a road trip - to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia!
This was part of DJ's belated birthday present.  She had never been before and I grew up going here and love it.

Our first stop was along the side of the road to visit the remains of the Mill.

Just a little drop down, trying to be careful!

Here's the birthday girl!

It started to rain a little so we tried to duck into the Tavern, but it was for show only!

Hmm, I wonder if you could use any of that for stitching?

St. Peter's Catholic Church

History of the flood levels there.

Love the colours!

Walked along the train tracks, it was COLD!

 Looking back to Harpers Ferry.  Did I mention it was FREEZING out there?  Windy and bitterly cold!

Walking up to St. Peter's.  Unfortunately, we couldn't go in, it was closed.  I don't remember the last time I was able to go inside.  I wonder if they just keep it open for services now.

Looking down to Shenandoah Street.

DJ working her way up.

St. John's Episcopal Church Ruins

Looking through to the Potomac River.

St. Peter's with the bridge from Maryland (L) to Virginia (R) in the background.

Our destination, Jefferson Rock.

 Didn't want to risk climbing up there, still a little slick from the rain.  I slipped on the grass by St. John's and that was enough!

Looking down at St. John's.

Another view of St. Peter's.

Hung on the wall of Harper House - we're SURE it's cross stitch or needlepoint?

 I think we need to go back again when we have more time.  We were enjoying a wonderful lunch and when I looked at the time it was 2:45ish.  I was supposed to pick Nathan up at school at 3:20, not gonna happen!  It takes about an hour or so to get there so I was racing us home, ever so carefully as DJ was hanging on!  All was well though, called the school and Nathan was a car rider instead of being picked up early and we made it in time.  Always an adventure!


cucki said...

Wow truly so beautiful..
Hugs x

Linda said...

Loved seeing all the pics. Looks like you had a wonderful time.


Julie said...

A beautiful place to visit, so lovely to see, thank you.

Gillie said...

What a lovely day out, wish I'd been with you!