Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Signs of Spring, finally!

So the day after DH replaced the battery in my car, it wouldn't start the next morning, grrrr! We ended up taking it to the dealership that night after he was able to jump start it. Since it was going there, I also mentioned that the sunroof had been leaking when it was out in the rain. Well, I got a call the next day to say that the drainage hole from the sunroof was blocked and there was about four gallons of water in my car. They pulled the carpet up and sent it over the ovens in the body shop to dry and then placed a heater and fan in the car to dry it out - hoping it would be dry on Monday. That's why the battery wasn't working, it was getting wet. Who knew it was sitting under the floor, behind the passenger seat in all that water! Good thing we have the good old minivan to drive around.

On a brighter note, seeing signs of spring is a wonderful thing! Of course that also means that we really need to clean out the flower beds, they are a mess as you can see. I find it hard to get to involved in the yard since we are still talking about redoing our house and so then I think, why bother. But talk is cheap so I'd better get busy with it sooner than later!  If only I could open the doors and windows when it gets really nice, but that invites the stink bugs in and they are just nasty little things.  Any of you know what I'm talking about?

Getting ready to meet DJ for some stitching, just need to get dressed, gather my stuff and drop Nathan of at preschool before heading out. I've been working on my Margaret Sherry cat, trying to make it look like Max, but it's not going so well. Not sure I really like the way it looks so I'm hoping DJ will give me some thought to it! And I need to start my owls too!


Parsley said...

Bummer about the car.

You are already dealing with stink bugs? YUCK!

Enjoy your day whether it's doing yard work or stitching. ;-)

Emily said...

eeeww stink bugs!! Don't miss those!!

Sorry your car's being dumb!! I hate when we have car problems!! Hope it gets figured out soon!!

Have fun stitching and have a great day!!

starydreamer said...

Ive had lots of trouble with my car the last 12 months i know how it feels huni. Spring seems to be showing its head here too ive been thinking about how much work my garden needs too xx

DJ said...

Oh....your flower beds look like mine...only mine don't have any flowers yet! LOL Maybe we should pick a day to garden instead of stitch? Looks like I need to take my car in for servicing too, the low air pressure in the tire sign keeps popping on...I don't need that while on my way to an important stitching date!! *wink*

Carol's Stitching said...

Sounds like your stitching date was fun! The stink bugs are horrible around my house too. I caught 3 this week alone. The kids and I cleaned out our flower beds a couple weeks ago but there is still lots to be done. Tree planting this weekend hopefully.