Friday, 18 March 2011

Quilt Show in Lancaster, PA

It's a quilt show/girls weekend! I wish I had the patience to make them, but instead I can only admire them. There were so many amazing quilts, I'm really in awe of all you quilt makers out there! So my question is - pictures were allowed to be taken, but can I post them here? Maybe as long as I give credit to the person?
I did buy a little set of scissors and a kit of some sort, but not quilt related - that will have to be another post.

Of course we HAD to go shopping after the show! We went to quite a few quilting stores and the one cross stitch store I knew of was gone... darn it!  I need to check online to see if there is another one near here before we leave tomorrow.

I love the Amish farms and the buggies going down the road, the children in their Amish clothing, and the quilts hanging out to dry on the line.  It was an absolutely beautiful day to see the sights of the country.

After stopping at a furniture store, HJ bought a very nice quilt rack (she's our quilter), this place was next door calling my name!  So here I sit with my plastic cup of wine, chilling out and thinking I should be stitching... but maybe tomorrow night.


Carol's Stitching said...

The cross stitch shop I go visit while up in Lancaster is over in Reading called Stitch N' Stuff by Dit and Debbie. If you go up again it is a really nice store with a large selection. I haven't found anything closer and the drive out there is really pretty.

Glad you had fun at the Quilt Show. I am always amazed with the quilts when we go camping up there. Did you by any chance go to Sylvia's quilt shop in Bird in Hand?

Friendship Crossing said...

Lucky you! Amish country and a quilt show! wow! I love both, but am more of a stitcher than a quilter! LOL

So glad you stopped by the other day!

I'll have to remember to stop by here more often!


Astrid's dragon said...

C - Thanks for that info on the shop, I'll try and make it there the next time I go. I don't think we stopped in Bird in Hand, only drove through.
T - So glad you came to visit! I wish I could sew, but will instead admire those beautiful quilts from afar.
Just wait until I post the pictures of the quilts HJ made - amazing!

DJ said...

Sounds like you had a good time! Even though I don't quilt either, I do enjoy viewing them and admiring their craftsmanship. At least it was a beautiful weekend for the trip! Can't wait to see you Wednesday...we're still on right? *Hugs*