Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Electronic Overload & Slow Stitching

Just call me the electronic killer, my laptop is down... again. Along with my camera, phone charger, and as of yesterday morning, my car battery!  I'm crossing my fingers for my phone and camcorder to keep going!  Laptop will have to be sent away to be fixed, waiting to order a new camera, phone charger on its way and DH just replaced my battery - yeah!

I've been working on my Margaret Sherry cat, but didn't get as much done as I wanted to over last weekend. We went to the lake and worked on the house a little more, but we haven't finished decorating yet. I also joined the Oakhaven Designs Group and need to start working on my owls - they are too cute!

So since I have no stitching pictures to show, here are my "bookends" instead. When they're not snuggling me, you can normally find them on the TV. That is, until one of them falls off while sleeping!

Looking forward to tomorrow, I'm meeting DJ for a quick shop, lunch and hopefully some stitching. That is if we don't need a boat to get out of the house if it's supposed to rain as much as they say!


starydreamer said...

Oh huni doesnt sound like your having the best luck. I really hope it picks up for you soon xxxx

♥ Nia said...

Oh my! You're having an electronic meltdown! LOL Sometimes it happens :p hehehe I hope everything will be working fine soon :)
Have fun stitching your MSherry cat :D

Andrea said...

Ha! Too cute, your "bookends"! Gotta love kitties!