Friday, 2 November 2018

Halloween has Gone to the Dogs!

This Halloween Nathan didn't want to go Trick or Treating, he wanted to hand out candy instead. We couldn't do it at our house since we don't get any kids, so we went to the doghouse... Karen's new house! Although he did wear a skeleton shirt and cap, so he sort of dressed up.

And Karen's babies were ready for action!
Emily (aka Darla), with her new do.

Karen's front window, looking good.

Her monsters, Henry and Emily.

Poor Emmie, "Really, Mom?"

Now it's Henry's turn.

And Henry getting ready for Thanksgiving, silly turkey boy.
Not too many kids came to her house, a little disappointing but we still had fun.

November 1st was a beautiful day to sit outside and enjoy the colours that finally decided to come out.

Oh boy, DH's favourite... leaves!

Even more colourful today.

In stitching news, I'm almost done with this one! After changing some of the pumpkin colours, now I'm going to change the bottom. I don't really care for the checkered part, but I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do instead. Maybe grassy or pumpkin patchy (is there such a thing?!) Any ideas?


butterfly said...

Love your Pumpkin stitch , it looks great.

What fun you all had at Halloween the dogs looked so cute ,lovely Autumn colours , Lovely post.

Tiffstitch said...

Love the pumpkin stitching and the hats!! :D

Linda said...

The doggies are adorable Astrid. We use to have that many pine needles but the tree died and we had it cut down. Pumpkins looks great. You could just continue the border around.


Penny said...

Dogs (most) are such great sports. Love their headwear! : ) It looks like you have some beautiful color going on - just when I thought the leaves would never change they seemed to overnight. Love your pumpkin stitch - and like Linda, I think maybe just continue with the border. I'm not very good at changing patterns. I can't wait to see what you decided.

Barb said...

Those dogs were so cute!! We had lots of trick-or-treaters. Probably 50 to 75! Love the pumpkin design!

Julie said...

Pets in fancy dress, that made me smile, what fun.
Love the pumpkin stitch, a nice field with pumpkin leaves might be a nice addition.

Faith... said...

The dogs look adorable! Ours would not stand for the hats. My daughter pit sweaters on them for the evenings because it gets chilly when they go out and one of the dogs (we have four) started pulling them off the other dogs to the point where he ripped them!

If you could put some grass and/or leaves under the pumpkins that might look nice. Good luck.

Brigitte said...

Hahaha for the Halloween dogs.
Great new project, those pumpkins.

Katie said...

Love the dog pics. Too cute! Too bad you didn't get many trick or treat kiddos. We don't get any here either. The leaves are beautiful here in Indiana too. Love your pumpkin piece. I have no idea what to do for the bottom. I'm not creative like that. I normally just do whatever the designer tells me to do. Good luck deciding.

ricketyjo said...

What lovely colourful and cheerful photos. I love those pretty leaves. Your stitching is looking great!

Cathy said...

Love your dogs' Halloween headgear! My suggestion for finishing the Pumpkin project is to just continue the border (just like the side ones) matching the corners.

Sheryl S. said...

Love the pictures of the dogs and the gorgous autumn trees showing their beauty. I reckon something green and grassy as you mention, would look perfect at the bottom of your pumpkin patch.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The dogs look slightly more willing than the cats would have been! We never get trick or treaters because we live at the end of a very dark road with no paths and no street lights! But there were lots out on the estate when we came home from work. I did hide some Hallowe'en rocks too.

rosey175 said...

We never get Halloweeners since we're rural but I do try to hoard candy anyway. :D I kind of like the checkered bottom! I guess if you go grassy, you could use a handdyed for variation?

RJ said...

Love how your dogs have gotten into the cute. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever