Sunday, 10 June 2018

Another Mom update πŸ’–

May 18th 2018, from my Dad

Five months ago Ulrike was rushed into Cumberland Hospital where she almost died, underwent a tracheotomy and other than a few weeks at home has spent the rest of the time in hospital and Lions Manor.
Her determination and sheer will power has amazed everyone she has come in contact with and on Wednesday, May 23rd, this remarkable lady is coming home. As Ulrike said today, "just five more sleeps!"
It has been a rocky road but God willing all will be well. Summer is almost upon us and Ulrike's garden house will soon be completed, where she can entertain her friends and enjoy life. Also, Ulrike may worship once more in her beloved chapel and with darling Tennessee in constant attendance.
On behalf of Ulrike I wish to thank you for all the cards, good wishes, love and prayers which have been sent, for which she is most appreciative and also very humbled you should care.
We are especially grateful to the staff at Lions Manor who have taken Ulrike into their hearts and given her care unrivalled anywhere. Their love and support has been paramount towards Ulrike's return home and for which we are most thankful.
Thank you each and every one. Let the good times roll and may God Bless us ~ every one.

But shortly after this Mom was readmitted to the hospital on May 29th, due to pneumonia. Turned out she had aspiration pneumonia. Ugh! It looks like she will be on pureed foods and thickened liquids indefinitely. And she has an infection in her other foot, but she was discharged on June 5th and it's being treated at home.

Here's the recent card list.

From growing up - Lisa, Kim
And from my stitchy friends - Tiffany

Once again, thanks to ALL of you!

We've been trying to visit her, but between our schedule and her schedule of dr's visits, it hasn't happened yet. But Gman2 was able to drop by on Friday on his way home from registering at college. She was thrilled!

On a doggy note, this is what Karen stitched her Mom while she's taking care of her dogs. Henry has a thyroid issue and needs his meds 2x/day. He also has a little butt wiping issue! Too cute!


Vickie said...

I am sorry to hear of your mother's setback, but so very glad she is HOME!! I know Tennessee is very happy!! :D I am praying.

Barb said...

I surely hope the best for your mom. She has had such a difficult time. You have such nice boys to stop and see grandma!

Brigitte said...

After all your mom has gone through I hope it will be better from now on and she can completely heal at home.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I am glad that she is home again. Hopefully this will help her recover.

The dog sampler is so cute and funny!

Have you seen Gracie's request for cards for her Mum? It's such a nice thing to be able to do.

Katie said...

I'm glad to hear she is home and I bet she is very happy indeed. I keep her and your family in my thoughts. Ours moms have our hearts. Love the stitched piece. How cute!

Faith... said...

Sorry to hear that your Mom had to go be readmitted but thankfully she is home now. I do hope she gets to stay home this time!

Julie said...

Best wishes for mom now she is home again. x

Justine said...

Sorry to hear of your Mum's setback but hopefully being at home will help her recover quickly and comfortably.

Debbie W. said...

So sorry to hear about your mom's recent health challenges. Sometimes, when it rains, it truly does pour! But her positive attitude is amazing and inspiring, and now that she is home, let her healing be fast and complete. Thinking of you all!

Sheryl S. said...

Pity about the health setback but now at home, I´m sure your mum will feel and be much better. Cute dog stitching.

Penny said...

Your mom is indeed a remarkable lady. I'm sorry to hear she has had more difficulties but hoping being at home will be good medicine for her. That's a great picture of her and your son! : )

Lynn B said...

So glad you Mum is home, she has certainly been through a lot.
Thankyou for the lovely recent comment on my blog, I have only just seen the message, I did not receive it in my email in box, I think the settings were messed up but I have changed it now and hopefully all my emails will come through.

Best wishes

Maggee said...

I've been off the blogging wagon for a little while, so missed this update! I am glad that your Mom is at home, but sad that she now has a condition that adjusts what she can eat. I pray she will recover from the infection in her foot quickly. She is spunky, from what you say, and has a great family that supports her! That is a wonderful picture of GMan with Grandma! Thanks for sharing! :)