Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Hodgepodge of happenings

My nieces turned 13 in December and we actually got to celebrate their birthday in March instead of August like last year! Our annual dinner at the Melting Pot was a hit.

All the girls, including Ming!

The next morning I had them make cards for their Grampy, he's been in the hospital and now rehab after a stroke. Please keep him in your prayers!

From the back of the house, the moon through the trees...

...from the front of the house, the rising sun.

A new Indian restaurant opened in our area and I finally got to go with my gf. Wow, can't wait to try the dinner menu!

But in the meantime, I went to an Indian cooking class instead. I think I need to freshen up my spices to make this at home!

Elizabeth and I hit the Woodlawn Needlework Show in VA. We were missing DJ who was getting over being sick, boo!

We then hit In Stitches to see what we couldn't live without.

I was actually pretty good, this is all I bought. I can't wait to start Gather here Grateful!

Now I can't say the same thing for Elizabeth, but she got a great haul! She bought One Nation - 

 that's one that I started and need to pick up again, obviously!


  1. A lovely update Astrid, your nieces are so alike! Beautiful girls. I will keep Grampy in my prayers.

  2. What lovely girls your nieces are.
    The indian food looks wonderful

  3. Your nieces are beautiful. Glad you were able to get together. Hope their Grampy is back to normal very soon. Love your moon and sun pics. Beautiful! I was just talking with friends last night. I've never had Indian food. They said it is delicious. Sure looks yummy. The Gather Here Grateful is too cute! I don't blame you for buying it. I just love the one nation piece. Beautiful!!

  4. Gosh those girls are growing up so fast! I'm so glad you got to spend time with them again this year. Sorry to hear about their Grampy, I'll be keeping them all in my prayers. Glad you girls had a good time at Woodlawn...I'm blaming Ben for passing on the germs!

  5. Such beautiful girls. Glad to see Nathan and the girls had a good time. I am praying for their Grampy.

  6. Sending hugs and happy thoughts for Grampy. Those girls are beautiful.


  7. Happy Birthday to your nieces! Glad you got to celebrate close to the day and hope their Grampy recovers well. Nice stitching haul too.

  8. Happy birthday!! Triplets? They are beautiful. I have heard so many things this year about Woodland and your local LNS. I know someday I just have to visit. Thank you for sharing. And of course prayers too

  9. Silly question - are they triplets or cousins who happen to be born in the same month? Multiples do run in families!
    Woodlawn sounds wonderful as does In Stitches. You were very restrained though.

  10. What lovely nieces, and how great to be able to celebrate their special days together. As always, your photography is awesome - love that moon through the branches! I have been hearing good things about that Indian restaurant - did you try the lunch buffet?

    Prayers for Grampy, too. Looks like he has a wonderful support system & fan club making him some very thoughtful cards. :)

  11. Oh, the spice tins! We had Indian friends years ago and Kalpana shared recipes and taught me so much just from her attitude about cooking - sometimes I use these three, but other days I pick other ones. LOL, took me a while to be able to cope with that much variability/flexibility. Want to hear how your meal comes out. Mmmmm... wish we had a good Indian restaurant around here - I really miss that. And Greek, too.

    Your nieces are beautiful girls and it sounds like you all had a good day together.

    Love the moon picture, and the sun through the front door(??) glass. Oh, and you were remarkably restrained at In Stitches!

  12. A lovely group of young ladies. I be their grampy was thrilled with their handmade cards.

  13. You seemed to have a good time with your nieces and it certainly was fun to make the cards for their grandpa.
    Nice stash that you got at In Stitches.


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