Thursday, 30 March 2017

Detour at Jo-Ann

I needed some fabric to finish something for an exchange and ended up picking up a few extra things. These goodies were either on sale, 50% coupon, clearance, or bogo - that's my kind of shopping!

Ooooh! Next time there's a sale, guess what I'm getting! That's a huge pan of pumpkin donuts just waiting to be made! I did find a recipe for lemon donuts and I'm thinking that would be a nice Easter treat.

The snowman had to go and Mr. Bunny made an appearance, finally!

So some of the daffodils made it. I have bunches that I'm not sure of, but I'm hoping for the best.

This looks like a violet to me. It just popped up outside my craft room window, near where I moved the bird feeder.

Thankful - coming next!


Katie said...

Nice finds at JoAnns. Mr Bunny flag is really nice. Glad your daffodils made it. We had a few that popped out too soon here too. They are looking great now though. Love the violet. Too pretty.

Brigitte said...

Sometimes we just need such things :)
Good for you that the daffodils survived, at least some of them. They are such wonderful flowers.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

And why not treat yourself? Make the trip worth it!
Glad the daffs survived the snow.

Julie said...

Great goodies you found. Mr bunny does look very welcoming.