Tuesday, 7 March 2017

So close x2!

This one has only been sitting around for a year or so! I'm frustrated with the holly leaves colour on the left, so I keep stopping. But I've got plenty of time to finish it before December.

All this needs to be finished is the butterflies and adding the beads. Since it's over one on 32, I did French knots for the flowers. Eh, on the colours I chose, but too late now.

On kitty cat news, Ming and Max are patiently waiting for the birds to find the new feeder. The birds seem to find things on the ground around it, but have yet to look up and hit the jackpot.

At least Ming can sunbath in the morning while waiting.

 In scouting news, Nathan won 1st in his den and 3rd in the pack for the Pinewood Derby. I think he was happy!

 With his car in January.

His big brothers even helped out.

Tomorrow I have another stitch/lunch date with my girlfriend who I just taught last week how to stitch. She's loving it! I can't wait to see how she's doing on what she left with. I know she wants to add a name, then framing!


Justine said...

I love your stitching Astrid. I have the Cottage Garden Samplings series. I've only stitched Jan-March so far.
Congratulations to Nathan on his fabulous achievements!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Those Cottage Garden designs are on my wishlist too.
I love all the French Knots although I would never be able to do so many!
Well done to Nathan and his pit-crew too!

Faith... said...

Yay for Nathan! He looks overjoyed and I hope Ming and Max will have that same look soon! I think you Christmas piece looks amazing and your August piece...wow 32 count! That is way out of my eyesight comfort. It looks great though with all those french knots.

Linda said...

Lovely stitching Astrid. Congrats to Nathan.


Debbie W. said...

Such beautiful needlework!! 32 count was always scary to me, but your hard work paid off - it looks great!

That feeder is the best gift ever for Ming and Max ; now if only spring will cooperate and send them plenty of birds. :)

How cute and happy Nathan is - that truly is a picture worth a thousand words, and just looking at it will bring back such great memories!

deb said...

Congratulations to Nathan! Pinewood Derby was always fun, though my son never again came close to how well he did as a Cub.

Great stitching on both pieces - your french knot flowers are lovely and I think the color makes them look rather like hydrangeas (though maybe that's not what you were aiming at, lol).

Barb said...

Congratulations to Nathan. I remember when my son did that many years ago!!Very nice stitching. The holly looks good to me.

stitchersanon said...

A lovely, happy post! Congrats on all counts (and I love the holly leaves!)

Julie said...

Well done Nathan.
Loving the French knots (not when I do them though!)
The holly leaves look lovely

Cathy said...

Love your stitching, especially the French-knotted flowers! I thought I was stitching the Joyful World with tiny stitches, but you have me beat! I'm stitching them over one on 25 count. Congrats to Nathan!

Sally said...

Thank you for visiting my blog Astrid. Your stitching is beautiful. I stitched the Cottage Garden Samplings pieces a few years ago. I really enjoyed stitching them.

Congratulations to Nathan.

Tiffstitch said...

Oh my goodness! Your French knots look amazing! I love how even they are, very impressive. I hope the Xmas one stops frustrating you soon, and that the birds find the feeder. Do your cats make that "Ik ik" noise when they see birds? Mine does, and it's hilarious. Big congrats to Nathan and hope your friend is still getting along well.

Brigitte said...

Both prove its looks amazing. I'm not sure if I would be patient enough to produce so many French knots. Yours are perfect, Astrid.

Katie said...

Beautiful stitching. I think the flowers on August look fantastic. Love your precious kitties. Too cute. Congrats to Nathan!